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dc.contributor.authorVallentyne, Petereng
dc.description.abstractA response-dependent account of a given attribute, such as redness or wrongness, identifies the attribute with the disposition to produce specified sorts of response in specified sorts of being under specified conditions. A fully developed sophisticated response-dependent account would fill in specifications for B (the beings) and C (the conditions), would probably replace the reference to disapproval with a reference to a more complex response, and might involve a more complex scheme. For simplicity, however, I shall focus my argument on the above simple scheme of moral wrongness, since added complexities will be irrelevant to my argument.eng
dc.identifier.citationErkenntnis 44 (1995): 101-112.eng
dc.publisherSpringer Verlageng
dc.relation.ispartofPhilosophy publicationseng
dc.relation.ispartofcommunityUniversity of Missouri-Columbia. College of Arts and Sciences. Department of Philosophyeng
dc.subjectphilosophy of languageeng
dc.subjectmoral wrongnesseng
dc.subject.lcshAttribute (Philosophy)eng
dc.subject.lcshLanguage and logiceng
dc.subject.lcshNormativity (Ethics)eng
dc.titleResponse-Dependence, Rigidification, and Objectivityeng

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