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    Fact or Facebook: digital media literacy and digital natives [1]
    Fiction access points across computer-mediated book information sources: A comparison of online bookstores, reader advisory databases, and public library catalogs. [1]
    The Function of Libraries for Latino College Students [1]
    Getting started with cloud computing : a LITA guide [1]
    Google Scholar and free or open access scholarly content: impact on academic libraries [1]
    Here Comes the Future: Embedding Library Leaders of Tomorrow [1]
    Information needs and search characteristics of first-year medical students [1]
    Intersectionality in LGBT fiction: A comparison of a traditional library vendor and a nontraditional ebook platform : dataset [1]
    An invisible wall : the relationships between congregational and seminary libraries in the United States [1]
    Joplin Public Library community analysis [1]
    Latino librarians on becoming LIS educators : An exploratory investigation of the barriers in recruiting Latino faculty [1]
    Latinos' Perceptions of the Library [1]
    Library and information needs of Latinos in rural Dunklin County, Missouri. [1]
    Library anxiety among international graduate students [1]
    The Library in the Lives of Latino College Students [1]
    Library service planning using GIS and census data. [1]
    LIS Research into Discovery: 2009-2013 [1]
    LIS student learning styles and web-based instruction methods [1]
    LIS Youth Services Education: An International Perspective [1]
    LIS Youth-Oriented Education : An International Perspective [1]