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    Development of CAPS markers for Nicotiana
    Development of conversation in toddlers: The role of maternal input
    Diversity of progeny from a single colony of Salmonella typhimurium after 19 months in sealed agar stabs
    Does genetics play a role in feeding behavior of gray tree frogs?
    Doping of natural diamond powder with boron to increase its hydrogen storage capacity
    The effect of aryl substituted triamidoamine ligands on the structure of dioxo-molybdenum (VI) complexes
    The effect of caloric restriction on the mitotic rates of mice
    The effect of Camgaroo-2 incorporation on the differentiation potential of embryonic stem cells
    Effect of clearcutting on the habitat within the clearcut and the surrounding forest and its relationship to the presence of wood thrush (Hylocichla mustelina) in the Current River Conservation Area
    Effect of feed restriction and hypothermia on fetal mice
    The effect of reduced chromatin gene expression on an epigenetically regulated maize gene
    The effect of timber stand improvement practices on the abundance of Pileated Woodpeckers
    The effects of arousing video on attention and memory for attack vs. non-attack political advertisements
    The effects of even-aged cutting on density and pairing success of Worm-eating Warblers
    Effects of forest management practices on treefrog oviposition site choice
    Effects of prenatal exposure to xenobiotic estrogen and the development of endometriosis in adulthood
    Effects of washings and treatments on the usefulness of hair as a biomarker
    Efficacy of high levels of microbial phytase in improving phytate Phosphorus utilization by turkeys
    “Either he was too weak, or the world was too strong”: Motifs of male wounds and healing in African American literature
    Environmental report actualization for the license renewal of the University of Missouri Research Reactor Center