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    The measurement of residual feed intake to determine feed efficiency of pregnant Hereford heifers
    Membrane permeability of Bovine Ooctyes to Propylene Glycol and the application to the improvement of Cryopreservation
    Metro and nonmetro youth: Evaluating differential pathways to delinquency
    Modeling the flow of digesta through the ruminant reticulorumen
    Molecular free volume and viscosity changes in non-Newtonian fluids probed with molecular rotors
    Oil bodies isolated from Brassica napus mature seed
    Optimization of metal-cyclization of alpha-MSH peptide analogs used in the treatment and detection of melanoma
    Parameter estimation and data reduction for cellular biophysical analysis
    Peptidomics of Arabidopsis thaliana
    Pharmacokinetic modeling of cortisol binding to dietary fiber in the gastrointestinal tract
    Point mutation of an RGD sequence in the human P2Y2 receptor to a QGD sequence conserves Go-mediated signal transduction
    Post-Translational modifications and the effects on protein identification through mass spectrometry
    Progress in the synthesis of a Technetium-labeled complex as a potential Sigma receptor binding ligand
    Promotion of functional heterotrimeric type I collagen via transfection in osteogenesis imperfecta fibroblasts
    Protein secondary structure prediction: Creating a meta-tool
    The psychosocial response to lymphedema
    Quantitative trait loci for seminal root angle and number in the maize IBM population
    Recent lateral gene transfer from Pasteurella multocida into Haemophilus influenzae
    Reduction of rhenium (V) oxo Schiff Base Complexes with triphenyl phosphine ligands
    Reduction of rheniumV oxo Schiff base complexes with triethylphosphine