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    Death by the pounds: The effects of television on the obesity of African-American children and adolescents [1]
    Desiccation rates of Rana sylvatica, Rana clamitans, and Bufo americanus in a fragmented forest [1]
    Detection of Sad genes in various species of Neurospora [1]
    Determining an efficient protocol for production of neural stem cells [1]
    Developing proteomics approaches for identifying new, redox-regulated proteins [1]
    Development of a portable source for production of Re-188 [1]
    Development of an assay to measure cortisol using a standard glucose meter [1]
    Development of CAPS markers for Nicotiana [1]
    Development of conversation in toddlers: The role of maternal input [1]
    Diversity of progeny from a single colony of Salmonella typhimurium after 19 months in sealed agar stabs [1]
    Does genetics play a role in feeding behavior of gray tree frogs? [1]
    Doping of natural diamond powder with boron to increase its hydrogen storage capacity [1]
    The effect of aryl substituted triamidoamine ligands on the structure of dioxo-molybdenum (VI) complexes [1]
    The effect of caloric restriction on the mitotic rates of mice [1]
    The effect of Camgaroo-2 incorporation on the differentiation potential of embryonic stem cells [1]
    Effect of clearcutting on the habitat within the clearcut and the surrounding forest and its relationship to the presence of wood thrush (Hylocichla mustelina) in the Current River Conservation Area [1]
    Effect of feed restriction and hypothermia on fetal mice [1]
    The effect of reduced chromatin gene expression on an epigenetically regulated maize gene [1]
    The effect of timber stand improvement practices on the abundance of Pileated Woodpeckers [1]
    The effects of arousing video on attention and memory for attack vs. non-attack political advertisements [1]