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    Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants defective in the oligopeptide transporter OPT3
    Analysis of mitochondrial DNA insertions into a nuclear chromosome of the maize B73 line
    Analysis of PDGF-AB and -BB in serum of intact and ovariectomized (OVX) pigs
    Analyzing the effects of lactose on calcium absorption in premature infants using HR-ICP-Mass Spectrometry
    Anti-galectin-3 peptides increase apoptosis in galectin-3 expressing human breast cancer cells
    Aβ toxicity to SHSY-5Y human neuroblastoma cells
    Binding properties of X29 protein and RNA
    Brain natriuretic peptide decreases pulmonary artery pressure in rats with pulmonary hypertension
    Calix[n]arene derivatives for gas storage
    Camgaroo-2 as an indicator of function in embryonic and neuralized stem cells
    A century later another surprise: A non-visual behavioral function of the white gene
    Characterization of a putative mutant for iron homeostasis
    Characterization of N gene homologs in Nicotiana species
    Characterizing polymerization dynamics using fluorescent molecular rotors and magnetoelastic sensors
    Comparison of regulatory regions in the mitochondrial genomes of grasses
    Construction of a knockout targeting vector to generate an Interleukin-13 Receptor α1 deficient Balb/c mouse
    Construction of a tatA Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough
    Conversion of waste corn cobs to activated carbons for natural gas (methane) adsorption
    Conversion of waste corncob to activated carbon for use of methane storage
    Death by the pounds: The effects of television on the obesity of African-American children and adolescents