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    3D finite element analysis of the acetabulum and interference fit for total hip arthroplasty [abstract]
    Acetol: A green solvent [abstract]
    Adaptations: Expressions of sexuality, the law, and workplace sexual harassment [abstract]
    Agarose entrapped gold nanoparticles for the crosslinking of collagen: A comparison study [abstract]
    Altered nuclear gene expression in response to mitochondrial mutations in maize [abstract]
    Amyloid-beta peptide induces time dependent biphasic change of membrane phase properties in DITNC cells [abstract]
    Analysis of strain IRB-1 as a potential candidate for uranium bioremediation in an extreme environment [abstract]
    Anatomical organization of locomotor command systems in the lamprey brain [abstract]
    Anti-atherogenic function of LPL in human and porcine coronary endothelial cells [abstract]
    Artificial selection on genes for epigenetic regulation in maize [abstract]
    Assessing biocompatibility of porcine tissue for hernia repair using flow cytometry [abstract]
    Atlas of NOAA fisheries, southwest fisheries science center cetacean and ecosystem surveys: 1986 - 2005 [abstract]
    Benchmark experiments with the explicit planetary isentropic coordinate (EPIC) model: Does it snow on Saturn? [abstract]
    Bio fuels go oink [abstract]
    Biology and mathematics-can they coexist [abstract]
    Bioprinting: Development of a novel approach for engineering three-dimensional tissue structures [abstract]
    Blast resistant wall retrofits [abstract]
    Characterization of runtime and jitter on a megavolt laser triggered spark gap switch [abstract]
    Characterization of soybean genes involved in soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistance [abstract]
    Characterization of transposon insertion mutants in desulfovibrio vulgaris hilderborough by sequencing genomic DNA [abstract]