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Recent Submissions

  • Shaping of sustainability efforts in cities 

    Fife, John (2012)
    In a report entitled Our Common Future, the World Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future ...
  • Bringing supermarkets into food deserts : an analysis of retail intervention policies 

    Fife, John (2012)
    This paper looks at policy efforts used to address the food access issues plaguing urban areas commonly referred to as food deserts. The efforts are framed as retail intervention policies, and the paper follows a structured ...
  • Indiscriminate or Intentional: Locations of Nonprofit Organizations in Kansas City 

    Nemenoff, Erin K. (Interdisciplinary Doctoral Student Council at the University of Missouri- Kansas City, 2008)
    This study examines the locations of Kansas City metropolitan area nonprofit organizations, as defined by the eleven-county Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Although several authors have conducted similar studies of nonprofits ...