The Linguistics Program, one of the academic units of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia, is an interdisciplinary effort that involves courses and faculty from Anthropology, Communication, Communication Science and Disorders, English, Philosophy, Psychological Sciences, Romance Language and Literatures, and others. Supporting course work may include foreign language, literature, psychology, philosophy, English, education, speech, anthropology and South Asian studies. The program offers a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Linguistics, and an undergraduate or graduate minor in Linguistics.

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  • Head Movement in Bantu DPs 

    Carstens, Vicki (2010)
    Carstens argues against the approach of Cinque (2005) to deriving facts of adjunct order related to Greenberg's Universal 20, based on Shona data. Some implications are that head-movement exists in grammar and has syntactic ...
  • Properties of Subjects in Bantu Languages 

    Carstens, Vicki; Diercks, Michael; López, Luis, 1965-; Mletshe, Loyiso Kevin; Ndayiragije, Juvenal; Sikuku, Justine (2010)
    This handout discusses how subject words function in various Bantu languages. Bantu languages are pro-drop, hence null subject languages (NSLs). Our initial findings are that preverbal subjects can, in fact, be non-specific ...
  • Parameterizing Case and Activity: Hyper-raising in Bantu 

    Carstens, Vicki; Diercks, Michael (2009)
    Case theory has long played a crucial role in explaining the distribution of nominal expressions. Raising constructions are a well-established case in point (Chomsky 1981, George & Kornfilt 1981, Chomsky 2000, Chomsky ...
  • DP Positions in African Languages 

    Carstens, Vicki; Diercks, Michael; Mletshe, Loyiso Kevin; Ndayiragije, Juvenal; Sikuku, Justine (2010)
    A central concern of syntactic theory has long been to explain and predict the distribution of nominal expressions, henceforth D(eterminer) P(hrases), and their involvement in morphosyntactic relations. Where can they ...
  • Hyperactivity and Hyperagreement in Bantu 

    Carstens, Vicki (2011)
    Many Bantu languages exhibit A-movements and patterns of iterating agreement that are disallowed in Indo-European languages. In Minimalist theory, both agreement and movement are constrained by an Activity requirement ...