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    Bt Corn Farmer Compliance with Insect Resistance Management Requirements in Minnesota and Wisconsin [1]
    Can Technology Transfer Help Public-Sector Researchers Do More with Less? The Case of the USDA's Agricultural Research Service [1]
    Does Plant Variety Intellectual Property Protection Improve Farm Productivity? Evidence from Cotton Varieties [1]
    GM Crops : The Global Economic and Environmental Impact -- The First Nine Years 1996-2004 [1]
    Innovation and Dynamic Efficiency in Agricultural Biotechnology [1]
    Innovation and Dynamic Efficiency in Plant Biotechnology : An Introduction to the Researchable Issues [1]
    An Innovation Market Approach to Analyzing Impacts of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Plant Biotechnology Industry [1]
    Intellectual Property Rights in a Changing Political Environment : Perspectives on the Types and Administration of Protection [1]
    Intellectual Property Rights on Research Tools : Incentives or Barriers to Innovation? Case Studies of Rice Genomics and Plant Transformation Technologies [1]
    Mergers, Acquisitions, and Stocks of Agricultural Biotechnology Intellectual Property [1]
    Monopoly Power, Price Discrimination, and Access to Biotechnology Innovations [1]
    Patterns of Public-Sector and Private-Sector Patenting in Agricultural Biotechnology [1]
    Perceptions of the Impacts of Genetically Modified Cotton Varieties : A Case Study of the Cotton Industry in Gujarat, India [1]
    Property Rights and Incentives to Invest in Seed Varieties : Governmental Regulations in Argentina [1]
    Second-Generation GMOs : Where to from Here? [1]
    Technology Fees Versus GURTs in the Presence of Spillovers : World Welfare Impacts [1]