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    Bt Corn Farmer Compliance with Insect Resistance Management Requirements in Minnesota and Wisconsin
    Can Technology Transfer Help Public-Sector Researchers Do More with Less? The Case of the USDA's Agricultural Research Service
    Does Plant Variety Intellectual Property Protection Improve Farm Productivity? Evidence from Cotton Varieties
    GM Crops: The Global Economic and Environmental Impact—The First Nine Years 1996-2004
    Innovation and Dynamic Efficiency in Agricultural Biotechnology
    Innovation and Dynamic Efficiency in Plant Biotechnology: An Introduction to the Researchable Issues
    An Innovation Market Approach to Analyzing Impacts of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Plant Biotechnology Industry
    Intellectual Property Rights in a Changing Political Environment: Perspectives on the Types and Administration of Protection
    Intellectual Property Rights on Research Tools: Incentives or Barriers to Innovation? Case Studies of Rice Genomics and Plant Transformation Technologies
    Mergers, Acquisitions, and Stocks of Agricultural Biotechnology Intellectual Property
    Monopoly Power, Price Discrimination, and Access to Biotechnology Innovations
    Patterns of Public-Sector and Private-Sector Patenting in Agricultural Biotechnology
    Perceptions of the Impacts of Genetically Modified Cotton Varieties: A Case Study of the Cotton Industry in Gujarat, India
    Property Rights and Incentives to Invest in Seed Varieties: Governmental Regulations in Argentina
    Second-Generation GMOs: Where to from Here?
    Technology Fees Versus GURTs in the Presence of Spillovers: World Welfare Impacts