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dc.contributor.authorRidenhour MU Libraries Student Ambassadorseng
dc.description.abstractThe Ellis Monthly is a publication written by the Ridenhour MU Libraries Student Ambassadors for students, describing study tips, library resources, and events at the library.eng
dc.publisherRidenhour MU Libraries Student Ambassadorseng
dc.relation.ispartofThe Ellis Monthlyeng
dc.relation.ispartofcommunityUniversity of Missouri-Columbia. Librarieseng
dc.source.harvestedMU Libraries Web siteeng
dc.subjectlibrary hourseng
dc.subjectStill Aliceeng
dc.subject.lcshLibrary buildingseng
dc.subject.lcshStudy environmenteng
dc.subject.lcshLibrary materialseng
dc.titleThe Ellis Monthly December 2010eng

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  • The Ellis Monthly (MU)
    The items in this collection are the work of the Ridenhour MU Libraries Student Ambassadors.

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