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    Geochemical and mineralogical analysis of pre-Columbian stone tools from La Piedra Pintada, Baja California Sur, Mexico
    George Catlin and the Pipestone Quarry: paradise of the red gods
    A GIS compilation of field data from the Smith's Fork Archaeological Site (23CL223), Clay County, Missouri
    In-situ radio frequency identification (RFID) moisture meter
    An investigation of hydrogen gas in olivine
    Isopropyl alcohol to counteract effects of freezing on extended-storage alginates
    Just war, legitimate authority and non-State actors
    Late Holocene Paleoclimate reconstruction of the northern Gulf of Aqaba using foraminifera as a proxy
    Life without my head
    Living and acting in Kansas City versus Southern California
    Local climate change impact: societal perceptions of risk vulnerabilities and adaptation
    Love and Reform: a chamber operetta
    Monitoring water balance of a rain garden by installation of flow monitoring devices on a residential property
    Neo-paganism: ritual forged by the Burning Times
    Network partition for switched industrial ethernet using combined search heuristics
    A new constraint-based algorithm to learn Bayesian network structure from data: Control of Spurious Pairwise Information (CSPI)
    Optimization of ligament parameters on a subject-specific computational human knee model in a dynamic knee simulator using design of experiments
    Optimization of the slag tap for the gasification of sustainable feedstocks
    Perceptions of gender in English news pamphlets 1660-1700
    Policing Troost: a replication and expansion of Herbert's territoriality and normative orders thesis