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    Perceptions of gender in English news pamphlets 1660-1700
    Policing Troost: a replication and expansion of Herbert's territoriality and normative orders thesis
    Pray for the lights to go out: the portrayal of Blacks in Kansas City published sheet music
    Pressure-impulse diagrams using finite element analysis for reinforced concrete columns subjected to blast loading
    Public perceptions of sailors' wives in eighteenth-century England
    A qualitative study of the Extended Care Permit dental hygienists in Kansas
    Quality and intensity of pain associated with continuously applied orthodontic stresses of relatively high and low magnitudes
    Rapping gender and violence? Addressing violence and gender with a content analysis of rap lyrics
    The relationship between police and citizen collaboration regarding crime in multifamily rental complexes
    Resistance networks as a model for conduction on the nano-scale
    The risks of nonfatal violent victimizations across individual-and structural-level characteristics
    The role of physical health on life satisfaction in people with serious mental illness
    Satellite-based assessment of invasive vegetation in Lake Chad Basin, West Africa
    Scheduling schemes for throughput optimization in wireless adhoc networks using directional antennas
    Security in pervasive health care using location-based key generation schemes
    Several ways of seeing
    Shadows and light - a story collection
    SiDR: a Secure inter-Domain Routing protocol for future internet
    Subversion of the gaze Degas and the social implications of his Dancers
    Topic network: a semantic model for effective learning