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    The construction of the Lesbian and Gay Affirming Social Justice Competency Scale [1]
    Current sensing atomic force microscopy study of aging mechanism of the nafion membranes due to thermal annealing [1]
    Developing an understanding of cultural aspects and beliefs of Latino/a families experiencing the American educational system [1]
    Development and evaluation of novel in situ depot-forming controlled release formulations [1]
    Developmental state and agriculture for development: lessons for Ghana from East Asia [1]
    Differentiation of Self Inventory - short form: creation and Initial evidence of construct validity [1]
    Does learning with high-fidelity human patient dimulation during nursing school impact career retention in the nursing profession during the first years of licensure? [1]
    The effect of self-directed learning readiness and online course quality ratings on student satisfaction and academic performance in undergraduate eLearning [1]
    Effective teacher retention : Sustaining quality novice instructors through induction [1]
    An empirical analysis of alternative explanations for the female wage gap [1]
    The evolution of the U.S. financial architecture, asset prices, and the role of fiscal and monetary policy [1]
    The expression and regulation on antimicrobial peptide genes in insects: studies in the tobacco hornworm manduca sexta [1]
    Feasibility and acceptability of a mother-­daughter intervention to address disordered eating behavior among adolescent girls living with type 1 diabetes mellitus [1]
    Formulation of nanoparticles encapsulating hydrophilic molecules following their ionic complexation [1]
    Impact of a psychoeducational intervention on dementia caregiving [1]
    Indole Arynes in organic synthesis : discovery and applications for the total synthesis of complex natural products [1]
    Influence of depressive symptoms on within-session change talk and HIV antiretroviral medication adherence in a motivational interviewing based adherence intervention [1]
    The influence of media on implicit weight bias [1]
    Insanity, rhetoric and women : nineteenth-century women's asylum narratives [1]
    IP/MPLS over OTN over DWDM multilayer networks: optimization models, algorithms, and analyses [1]