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    The origins of money: evaluating chartalist and metallist theories in the context of ancient Greece and Mesopotamia
    Orthorexia nervosa: real construct or newest social trend?
    Part I: The synthesis of chenodeoxycholic acid derived macrocyles and cage compounds. Part II. Sonogashira coupling for the synthesis of well-defined π-conjugated arylene ethynylene oligomers as blue-light-emitting materials
    Performance standards for walk-in coolers and freezers in the United States as a function of local weather conditions
    Pictures of strangers
    The power of teacher-student relationships in determining student success
    Praising Girls: The Epideictic Rhetoric of Young Women, 1895-1930
    Promoting ethical behavior among local government employees: the roles of ethical leadership, ethics codes, training, and audits
    A qualitative study of relationship building between alternative high school students and their teachers
    A quality metric to improve wrapper feature selection in multiclass subject invariant brain computer interfaces
    Quality of service and channel-aware packet bundling for capacity improvement in cellular networks
    Queen of Heaven for piano and electronics
    Racial residential segregation in the Kansas City area: a comparative study between Blacks and Hispanics
    Recovery from Infidelity: Exploring Variables Related to the Healing Process
    Redundant adder architectures for cell-based technology
    The roles of client religion, counselor religiosity, and spiritual competence in counselors' clinical judgment
    The roles of differentiation of self, emotional self awareness and anxiety on destructive countertransference reactions
    A semantic framework for event-driven service composition
    Sinfonietta for wind ensemble augmented with string quartet
    Songs from behind the curtain, an opera in three acts