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    Rewriting the story : videogames within the Post-Gamergate Society
    The role of the first-person narrator when dealing with mental illness
    Romantic friendships in Shirley and Wives and daughters
    Sexless faces, abnormal bodies, and white trash girls: grotesque women in southern Gothic literature
    Summer of the Sabra Cactus: The Body, Landscape, and Numbed Tourism
    The symbolic significance of vice in Raymond Carver's What we talk about when we talk about love: blue-collar despair transcending class distinction
    Talking back: the role of poets and poems in literary conversation
    Terrorism and spectacle in White noise and Mao II
    These little towns: land, family, and individuality in the Midwest
    Two works in creative non-fiction: The Marine wife and Novosibirsk
    Under skin: a critical essay of gender and the travel narrative
    Understanding and defining young adult literature
    Value and exchange in Hemingway's The sun also rises
    The Value of Young Adult Fiction : YA as a Gateway to the Classics
    The violent Mr. Hyde versus feminism: horror cinema's response to female sexuality in film adaptations of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    War, trauma, and literature: World War I veterans and the expression of “shell-shock” in literature
    Who's your daddy? : an analysis of Shakespeare's fathers in power positions and their parental relationship to their daughters
    The widow's place : Mrs. Norris in Mansfield Park
    Young adult novels and their film adaptations
    You’ve got mail : epistolography, mapping, and authenticity in early literature of Alexander the Great