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    Navigating Social-emotional Experiences for Readers: Stories of Two High-performing Urban Elementary Teachers [1]
    Opening the gates to foster scholarship for urban students: organizational policies and systemic practices in a high performing high poverty urban high school [1]
    Outside the Lines: How Moberly Junior College Basketball Players Negotiated Social and Racial Norms of Little Dixie On and Off the Court, 1955-1967 [1]
    Performance-Based Fundraiser Compensation: An Analysis of Preference, Prevalence and Effect [1]
    Possibility and Process in Post Secondary Service Work: Constructing a Critical Pedagogy of Service [1]
    Post-intentional phenomenology inquiry to explore white educators’ stories of developing a critical consciousness of race [1]
    The power of teacher-student relationships in determining student success [1]
    Pre-Service Teachers' Dispositions Toward Sexual Orientation: The Before and After a Multicultural Education Course [1]
    Reciprocal exchange: understanding the community partner perspective in higher education service-learning [1]
    The Relationship Between In-Service Teachers’ Culturally Responsive Teaching Self-efficacy and Outcome Expectancy Beliefs, Instructional Practices (CLASS), and Student Outcomes in the Urban School Setting [1]
    Relationship of Early Childhood Teacher Guidance Beliefs and Reported Actual Practices on Child Behavioral Outcomes [1]
    Segregation, Transformation, and Urban Education: A History of Attaining Racial Equity in the Hickman Mills C-1 School District [1]
    Shame shapeshifters masking as disengagement: a grounded theory study examining academic achievement-related emotions in high school [1]
    Smoke in a Bottle: Adolescent Literacies and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies in an Urban Catholic High School [1]
    Soy El Primero: First-Generation Latino/a College Students' Experiences of Acculturative Stress and Coping Response in College [1]
    Specialized mathematical content knowledge of preservice elementary teachers: the effect of mathematics teacher efficacy [1]
    Stability in the Storm: The History of Kansas City Kansas Public Schools 1902–1986 [1]
    Teacher perceptions of principal leadership behaviors and morale : A descriptive case study [1]
    Teacher Reported Preparedness: A Study of One Midwest Metropolitan School District [1]
    The History of Elementary Literacy Instruction in the Kansas City Kansas Public School District from 1990 until 2022 [1]