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    A 100-Year Historical Study of East High School in Kansas City, Missouri [1]
    A Heuristic Narrative Inquiry on the Conceptualization and Cultivation of Relational Trust Between Secondary Teachers and Administrators [1]
    A Narrative Case Study Exploring The Preparation Experiences of Novice Teachers In Urban Elementary Schools [1]
    A Quantitative Examination Of Community College Students' Self-Efficacy Inside Mathematics Pathways [1]
    African American female millennials' sense of self in higher education support roles [1]
    African-American student perceptions of their parents' and guardians' attitudes towards education and academic achievement [1]
    An Educational History of Immigrant and Refugee Children in Kansas City [1]
    An analysis of factors affecting implementation of literacy curriculum resources in K-2 classrooms in a Midwest suburban school district [1]
    Blocks and Playdough: Reconceptualizing Preschool Education through an Heuristic Multiple Case Study Approach [1]
    Breaking the Silence: A Qualitative Critical Autoethnography of a Principal's Lived Experience with Having Courageous Conversations about Race [1]
    A Case Study of the Internationalization of a Midwestern University English Composition Course Occurring in a 3-D Virtual Environment [1]
    Community college developmental reading teachers’ feelings of teacher self-efficacy and related variables [1]
    A correlational study of building principal emotional intelligence and the connection to academic achievement [1]
    Culturally Relevant Pedagogy through African-centered Methods in a Midwestern Urban Elementary School [1]
    Desegregation at Kansas City's Central High School: Illuminating the African American student experience through oral history [1]
    Disciplinary Differences Between Faculty in Library Use and Perceptions [1]
    Effective teacher retention : Sustaining quality novice instructors through induction [1]
    The effects of a computer-based reading support program on the reading achievement of sixth graders [1]
    The effects of a culturally responsive professional development series on the attitudes and beliefs of teachers of diverse students in a Missouri suburban school district [1]
    The effects of a looping classroom among third grade students in an urban school district [1]