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    Automatic detection of explosive devices in infrared imagery using texture with adaptive background mixture models [1]
    Body satisfaction and couple's daily sexual functioning [1]
    Bridge approach slab analysis and design incorporating elastic soil support [1]
    Characterization of ion sources for compact accelerator neutron production [1]
    Come to nothing [1]
    Comparison of substrate conditions in low-temperature gallium arsenide and semi-insulating gallium arsenide during terahertz pulse generation [1]
    The Design and Analysis of a HA/PLA Pedicle Screw for Spinal Fusion [1]
    Design and simulation of a compact radiating system for high power microwaves in the 4 to 6 GHz range [1]
    Determining the relative effects of volumetric water content and dry density on the dielectric constant of soils [1]
    Development and application of variable rate irrigation techniques on non-uniform soils using center-pivot irrigation systems [1]
    Enhancing collaboration by providing a shared environment in wEMBOSS [1]
    Evaluation of alternative resistance mechanisms for progressive collapse [1]
    Exploring passive heartbeat detection using a hydraulic bed sensor system [1]
    Fault tolerant and highly available entitlement server [1]
    High-accuracy skin lesion segmentation and size determination [1]
    Implementing X.509 security certificate based authentication in a virtual organization [1]
    Influence of site conditions on near-field effects in multi-channel surface wave measurements [1]
    Investigation of load transfer models for recycled plastic reinforcement for slope stabilization [1]
    Maximizing terahertz pulse amplitude from low temperature gallium arsenide photo conductive semiconductor switch [1]
    MEMS biosensor for detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in food products [1]