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    Development of high-throughput phenotyping tools to enhance soybean yields
    The drunken self: the five-factor model as an organizational framework for charcterizing one's own drunkenness
    E-community support for weight loss
    An evaluation of technical efficiency of small farm households Chuong My district, Ha Tay province, Vietnam
    Exploration of supercritical water gasification of biomass using batch reactor
    Framing public health disaster: Chinese newspaper coverage of the contaminated milk powder affair
    Fremont, OH: from Armistice 1918 to elections 1920
    The impact of secondary working memory demands on inhibitory performance in individuals with and without autism spectrum disorder
    The interaction of positive and negative outcome expectancies on drinking: a latent growth modeling approach
    The legend of the dried persimmon for symphony orchestra and computer generated sounds
    Motivation change in college students
    Overlooked in America: a framing analysis of U.S. newspapers' coverage of rural poverty, 2000-2010
    Paradoxical dysuria among dogs with degenerative lumbosacral stenosis
    Processing and properties of quinoa cake
    Relational aggression in families of female juvenile offenders
    Rewriting a shared past : gender, genre, and Scotland's cultural memory
    The role of astrocytic calcium signaling in brain damage after photothrombosis
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Arts Club Band: a gatekeeping analysis of how music journalists approach and understand their audiences
    Significance-linked Connected Component Analysis Plus with new DOR and context model
    Suitability of cold-hardy loblolly and pitch x loblolly hybrid pines for commercial pine straw production in Missouri