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    Framing public health disaster : Chinese newspaper coverage of the contaminated milk powder affair [1]
    Fremont, OH : from Armistice 1918 to elections 1920 [1]
    The impact of secondary working memory demands on inhibitory performance in individuals with and without autism spectrum disorder [1]
    The interaction of positive and negative outcome expectancies on drinking: a latent growth modeling approach [1]
    The legend of the dried persimmon for symphony orchestra and computer generated sounds [1]
    Motivation change in college students [1]
    Overlooked in America : a framing analysis of U.S. newspapers' coverage of rural poverty, 2000-2010 [1]
    Paradoxical dysuria among dogs with degenerative lumbosacral stenosis [1]
    Processing and properties of quinoa cake [1]
    Relational aggression in families of female juvenile offenders [1]
    Rewriting a shared past : gender, genre, and Scotland's cultural memory [1]
    The role of astrocytic calcium signaling in brain damage after photothrombosis [1]
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Arts Club Band : a gatekeeping analysis of how music journalists approach and understand their audiences [1]
    Significance-linked Connected Component Analysis Plus with new DOR and context model [1]
    Suitability of cold-hardy loblolly and pitch x loblolly hybrid pines for commercial pine straw production in Missouri [1]
    A tale of two horses : origins and population genetics of two feral horse herds [1]
    Temperature-dependent thermal transport properties of major Archean rock types and implications for the thermal evolution of Archean terranes [1]
    Trends in essential air service structure and performance [1]
    Unapologetic on the flat track : gender conformity, cooptation & subversion in a local grassroots roller derby league [1]
    We shall see God face to face : crossroads in Augustine's journey of the soul [1]