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    Ambiguity, uncertainty, and othering: a queer phenomenology of the organizational socialization of sexuality [1]
    Automated vector-vector and vector-imagery geospatial conflation [1]
    "Behind closed doors": a feminist analysis of senior citizen sexual communication [1]
    Bioinformatics analysis and prediction of protein phosphorylation and other posttranslational modifications [1]
    A case study of international students' goals for academic writing [1]
    China's migrant children: lack of cultural capital and Hokou policy [1]
    Cocrystallization of pyrogallol[4]arenes with target molecules [1]
    Cognitive processes related to math disabilities [1]
    Computational models of neuronal fear and addiction circuits [1]
    Course delivery methods and instructional approach for academic success in high school distance education courses [1]
    Culturally transcendent, developmental model of multicultural counseling competence: an integration of theories [1]
    The determinants and impacts of foreign direct investment in the Thai manufacturing sector: a three-way fixed effects approach [1]
    The development and effectiveness of an osteoporosis prevention education intervention [1]
    Development of a parent-teacher relationship survey [1]
    Dosimetric Properties and Radiation Hardness of the Storage Phosphor Europium Doped Potassium Chloride for Radiation Therapy Dosimetry [1]
    Econometric methods for improved measures of financial risk [1]
    Efficient estimators in closed-form for source localization and sensor network self-localization [1]
    eMINTS National Center program evaluation for the eMINTS National Center and eMINTS National Center participants [1]
    Empirical inference for online auctions [1]
    Ensemble acoustic modeling in automatic speech recognition [1]