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    Aggressive calling in treefrogs [1]
    Agriculture teachers' perception and practice for teaching students with disabilities [1]
    Alkene oxidation by platinum (II) oxo/hydroxo complexes [1]
    Annie Malone and Poro College : building an empire of beauty in St. Louis, Missouri from 1915-1930 [1]
    Arauco domado de Lope de Vega: etica y estetica [1]
    Automated vector-vector and vector-imagery geospatial conflation [1]
    Bayesian variable selection in parametric and semiparametric high dimensional survival analysis [1]
    Building better wetlands for amphibians : investigating the roles of engineered wetland features and mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) on amphibian abundance and reproductive success [1]
    Can the focus of attention accommodate multiple, separate items? [1]
    Cause specific mortality and anti-predator behavior in midwestern songbirds [1]
    Characterizing middle and secondary preservice teachers' change in inferential reasoning [1]
    Characterizing optical properties in fibrous tissues [1]
    Chatter detection and prevention in high-speed milling [1]
    The chemical ecology of the lesser chestnut weevil : behavioral and electrophysiological responses of Curculio sayi (Coleoptera: curculionidae) to host-plant volatile organic compounds [1]
    Chemical sensor using single crystal diamond plates interrogated with charge-based deep-level transient spectroscopy based on the Quantum Fingerprint[TM] model : instrumentation and methodology [1]
    China's migrant children : lack of cultural capital and Hokou policy [1]
    Citizens under the law : African Americans confront the justice system in Kentucky, Missouri, and Texas, 1790-1877 [1]
    Communication about predation risk between parents and offspring groups in treehoppers [1]
    Competition or cooperation? : a study of the relationship between import penetration and the operation of the U.S. textile and apparel industries from 2002 to 2008 [1]
    A comprehensive simulation-based methodology for the design and optimization of orthopaedic internal fixation implants [1]