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    Association measures: comparison of performance across binary matrices
    Associative and item memory for brands among elderly consumers
    "Behind closed doors": a feminist analysis of senior citizen sexual communication
    Bioinformatics analysis and prediction of protein phosphorylation and other posttranslational modifications
    Breaking down barriers: utilizing audiovisual and gain-message frames to attenuate psychological reactance and increase source credibility towards strategic health messages
    Characterization of the pigmentation locus in Yersinia pestis pathogenesis of pneumonic plague
    Coefficient theorems of Birancon-Skoda type
    Cognitive processes related to math disabilities
    Computational models of neuronal fear and addiction circuits
    Construction of a test chamber for ultra-low gas concentrations and its use for tesing novel aluminum nitride sensors by Q-DLTS
    Discovery of small molecules that regulate the activity of protein tyrosine phosphatases
    The eco-physiology of PHOT1/phot1[delta]PKD, insights into a phototropically enhanced mutant.
    Effects of discussion forums on student academic success within academic disciplines in online undergraduate courses
    Effects of instrumentalization and personalization upon targets and agents
    Essays in health economics and health policy
    The evaluation of a bioactive biomaterial scaffold for the tissue engineering of articular cartilage
    Exploring the intersection between safety culture and hospital nursing practice
    Finding 'The answers inside me': a model of empowerment through breastfeeding and weaning
    How the relationship between public health information officers and journalists can affect media agenda-building: a coorientational approach
    Ion dependent stability of RNA three-way junction and DNA triple helices