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    Intrinsic, extrinsic and environmental regulation of muscle satellite cell motility [1]
    Investigating the role of germline RNA helicase-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans [1]
    Kinetics of monocytotropic Ehrlichia infections, new insights from large animal models [1]
    Management of disinfection byproduct production in small drinking water systems [1]
    Mathematics reform in a midwestern district : a case study of mathematics curriculum change [1]
    Mechanisms of BKCa channel agonist NS-1619-elicited protection against oxidative stress from venules to arterioles [1]
    Mitochondrial DNA insertions in the nuclear genomes of maize (Zea mays ssp. mays) [1]
    A model-based, generative and stochastic method for human motion capture using hierarchical particle filters [1]
    Modeling the impact of polystyrene microparticles on toxicity of phenol to Artemia [1]
    Online video-based reflection to improve professional vision and mathematical beliefs for teaching [1]
    Optimizing vascular and metabolic responses to insulin in type 2 diabetes : exercise as treatment [1]
    Playing their game : changing American students' attitudes and sterotypes toward Palestinians and Israelis through video game play [1]
    Poetry of the American suburbs [1]
    A program evaluation of the state mandated school board member training by Missouri Association of Rural Educators [1]
    The role and mechanism of brain derived neurotrophic factor in autonomic and cardiovascular control in the nucleus tractus solitarii [1]
    The role of adipose tissue in the regulation of endothelial function in type 2 diabetes : mechanisms and therapeutic implications [1]
    Silvopasture's effect on growth and development of white and black oaks in an intensively managed upland central hardwood forest [1]
    Social presence and source credibility in blog-mediated crisis communication [1]
    Studies of the chemistry of sulfoximines, 2, 1 benzothiazines and cyclopentadienones [1]
    Studies on the mechanisms of action of the male specific lethal complex in Drosophila [1]