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    Development of long wavelength fluorescent sensors [1]
    Developmental programming by xenoestrogens [1]
    Dynamic simulation of particulate and molecular systems [1]
    The effect of self-explanation and metacognitive scaffolding on learning web programming [1]
    eMINTS National Center program evaluation for the eMINTS National Center and eMINTS National Center participants [1]
    Empirical inference for online auctions [1]
    An examination of organizational and nursing factors impacting patient risk detection [1]
    Experience by design : a post occupancy evaluation of the Tarrant County College fire service training center, Fort Worth, Texas [1]
    Extracurricular activity programming for grades 6th-8th in a mid-western school district : a program evaluation [1]
    Farmers, warriors, and grandfathers : the Shawnee and Delaware Indians and their neighbors in the trans-Mississippi West, 1787-1832 [1]
    Feed additives affect pork quality and shelf-life from pigs fed ethanol co-products and pork subject to three storage methods [1]
    From trade to international conflict : seeking empirical and theoretical convergence [1]
    Immunogenic properties of neuralized embryonic stem cells in a model of allogenic intracranial transplantation [1]
    Intrinsic, extrinsic and environmental regulation of muscle satellite cell motility [1]
    Investigating the role of germline RNA helicase-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans [1]
    Kinetics of monocytotropic Ehrlichia infections, new insights from large animal models [1]
    Management of disinfection byproduct production in small drinking water systems [1]
    Mathematics reform in a midwestern district : a case study of mathematics curriculum change [1]
    Mechanisms of BKCa channel agonist NS-1619-elicited protection against oxidative stress from venules to arterioles [1]
    Mitochondrial DNA insertions in the nuclear genomes of maize (Zea mays ssp. mays) [1]