This community contains the collections of theses submitted to the School of Graduate Studies by masters degree candidates at the University of Missouri-Kansas City before 2010.

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  • The Education of a Staff Officer: The Life and Career of Samuel Cooper, 1798-1852 

    Veatch, Matthew Brian (University of Missouri -- Kansas City, 1989)
    Samuel Cooper was an officer in the United States Army from 1815-1861, and a Confederate States Army officer from 1861-1865. Cooper's long career as a staff officer in the U.S. Army culminated in his appointment to the ...
  • Jessie Bonstelle: A Biography 

    Triplett, Lori L. (University of Missouri -- Kansas City, 1988)
    This thesis is a study of an oft-forgotten trailblazer in the theatre, Jessie Bonstelle, nee Laura Justine Bonesteele-Stuart. Through this paper I hope to bring her back into prominence among theatre historians as she ...
  • Jacques Hotteterre's L'Art de Preluder, A Translation and Commentary 

    Boyer, Margareth Anne (University of Missouri -- Kansas City, 1979)
    Jacques Hotteterre (c.1680-1761) is probably best known today for his Principes de la Flute Traversiere, ou Flute d'Allemagne, De la Flute a Bec ou Flute Douce, et du Haut-bois (Paris, 1707), but he was also the author of ...
  • A Specialization on the Remote Database Access 

    Choi, Young Bae (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 1991)
    The RDA (Remote Database Access) standards support the interworking between an application program in one open system and a DBMS in a remote open system. The Generic RDA standard defines the common aspects of a class ...
  • A Description of the Technical Aspects of Missouri Vanguard Theatre 

    Coles, Ronald T. (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 1972)
    Missouri Vanguard Theatre is a small professional touring company with its base at the University of Missouri—Kansas City. This touring company performs primarily in the rural areas of the State of Missouri before audiences ...
  • Use of Federal Troops in Civil Disturbances 1892-1968 

    Patton, Steven Dale (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 1983)
    This study examines and evaluates the use of regular army forces in quelling civil disturbances within the United States. The term civil disturbance is defined as excluding Indian wars, western frontier violence and all ...
  • Investigating trustworthiness and tolerance of others and shared power within youth-adult partnerships 

    Dutcher, Marcia V. (Marcia Veronica), 1951- (University of Mssouri--Kansas City, 2000)
    The purpose of this study was to broaden the limited body of research concerning the relationship between trustworthiness and tolerance of others and shared power within a youth-adult partnership. The theoretical models ...
  • Alderman Jim Pendergast 

    Dorsett, Lyle Wesley (University of Kansas City, 1962)
    James Pendergast came to Kansas City in 1876 from St. Joseph, Missouri. After working for several years as a laborer, Pendergast entered the saloonkeeping business in the West Bottoms, the heart of Kansas City's ...
  • The complex refractive index of water 

    Segelstein, David J. (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 1981)
    A spectrum of the imaginary part of the complex index of refraction for water as a function of wave number was compiled from the literature and theoretical considerations. The spectrum ranged from 10⁻⁶ through 10⁸ cm⁻¹. ...