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Recent Submissions

  • The Brazilian Flute Topic 

    Ferreira, Rafael Ribeiro (2023)
    This dissertation studies the connection between the flute, in its materiality and function, and ideas on Brazilianness. A question permeates the narrative I propose: why has the flute become an instrument so representative ...
  • La Generazione dell'Ottanta and the Italian Sound 

    Racanati, Alberto (2021)
    La Generazione dell’Ottanta (The Generation of the Eighties) is a generation of Italian composers born in the 1880s, all of whom reached their artistic maturity between the two World Wars and who made it a point to part ...
  • Becoming a Healthier Guitarist: Understanding and Addressing Injuries 

    Bosi, Bráulio (2016)
    The field of performance arts medicine is supplying musicians with alarming statistics regarding their health. Authors give statistics as high as 93% when discussing the injury rate among instrumentalists. As guitar ...
  • Pedagogical literature for violists: selected studies from Lillian Fuchs's 16 Fantasy Études and corresponding orchestral excerpts 

    Chen, Yu-Fang (2013)
    Few colleges and music festivals offer intensive orchestral studies programs as part of the string department curriculum, and those that do focus solely on excerpts and audition preparation. This dissertation proposes a ...
  • A study of orchestral audition repertoire for violin 

    Brandolino, Lawrence Anthony (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2011-09-26)
    Very few colleges have a career-intensive program of orchestral audition preparation in their applied violin curriculum. This dissertation attempts to satisfy the need for a curriculum of audition repertoire study in the ...