This collection contains posters presented at the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Symposium. Some posters were previously presented at other events.

Recent Submissions

  • Decision support system in a patient-centered medical home 

    Pasupathy, Kalyan S.; Kochendorfer, Karl M.; Brown, Gordon D.; Hicks, Lanis L.; Barker, Linsey M.; Leung, Ricky C. (2011)
    Lack of sufficient primary care to manage chronic diseases has been quoted as a major drawback of the healthcare system within the United States. Patient-Centered Medical Home is a care delivery model to transform how ...
  • Profiling women's breast cancer screening practices using data mining 

    Pasupathy, Kalyan S. (2009)
    Breast cancer is a major chronic disease and early identification is necessary for treatment. Mammograms are clinical tests that increase the detection of breast cancer. Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and ...
  • Go FIGure: Health Literacy and Freshman Interest Groups 

    Anderson, Kate; Wilson, Terry N. (2011)
    Mizzou offers over 100 Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs), ranging in topic from "Discovering Science" to "Social Justice Issues." Groups of 15-20 freshmen are assigned to the same residence hall community, enroll together ...
  • The phenomena of retraction in biomedical literature 

    Budd, John M., 1953-; Coble, Zach; Anderson, Kate (2010)
    These are the preliminary results of a study that examines the impact of retracted articles in biomedical literature. The study is a continuation of Budd JM, Sievert ME, Schultz TR, JAMA. 1998;280 (3): 296-7, which focused ...
  • Stressors in the pharmacy: An observational of interruptions in pharmacy 

    Burford, Mary E.; Yeck, Alison E.; Tucker, Johnny A.; Barker, Linsey M.; Pasupathy, Kalyan S. (2011)
    Errors in the healthcare field are a significant problem. Interruptions leading to distractions can cause errors as these interruptions can distract the pharmacy workers from their tasks. Hence it is important to study ...