This collection contains posters presented at the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Symposium. Some posters were previously presented at other events.

Recent Submissions

  • J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library Anniversary Symposium Quotes and Kudos 

    J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library (2011)
    Poster with various quotations and commendations of the staff at the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library presented at the HSL Anniversary Symposium.
  • J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library Anniversary Symposium Post er 

    J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library (2011)
    Poster depicting various milestones for the anniversary of the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library.
  • Classification of interruptions in a hospital central pharmacy 

    Silver, Julie; Pasupathy, Kalyan S. (2011-09)
    Interruptions in the healthcare field are prevalent. They are constantly occurring in central pharmacies within hospitals, and are a major distraction to the pharmacists who are working on vital tasks to prepare and dispense ...
  • Decision support system in a patient-centered medical home 

    Pasupathy, Kalyan S.; Kochendorfer, Karl M.; Brown, Gordon D.; Hicks, Lanis L.; Barker, Linsey M.; Leung, Ricky C. (2011)
    Lack of sufficient primary care to manage chronic diseases has been quoted as a major drawback of the healthcare system within the United States. Patient-Centered Medical Home is a care delivery model to transform how ...
  • Profiling women's breast cancer screening practices using data mining 

    Pasupathy, Kalyan S. (2009)
    Breast cancer is a major chronic disease and early identification is necessary for treatment. Mammograms are clinical tests that increase the detection of breast cancer. Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and ...
  • Go FIGure: Health Literacy and Freshman Interest Groups 

    Anderson, Kate; Wilson, Terry N. (2011)
    Mizzou offers over 100 Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs), ranging in topic from "Discovering Science" to "Social Justice Issues." Groups of 15-20 freshmen are assigned to the same residence hall community, enroll together ...
  • The phenomena of retraction in biomedical literature 

    Budd, John M., 1953-; Coble, Zach; Anderson, Kate (2010)
    These are the preliminary results of a study that examines the impact of retracted articles in biomedical literature. The study is a continuation of Budd JM, Sievert ME, Schultz TR, JAMA. 1998;280 (3): 296-7, which focused ...
  • Stressors in the pharmacy: An observational of interruptions in pharmacy 

    Burford, Mary E.; Yeck, Alison E.; Tucker, Johnny A.; Barker, Linsey M.; Pasupathy, Kalyan S. (2011)
    Errors in the healthcare field are a significant problem. Interruptions leading to distractions can cause errors as these interruptions can distract the pharmacy workers from their tasks. Hence it is important to study ...