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    In children with acute otitis media (AOM), when are antibiotics warranted and what is the appropriate duration of treatment?
    In depth (Evidence-based practice, 2012)
    In low-risk pregnant women, does routine office urine dipstick proteinuria greater-than or equal to 30 mg/dL predict the development of preeclampsia?
    In male patients who suffer from idiopathic male infertility, does clomiphene improve fertility rates?
    In patients taking warfarin, what are the risks of adding supplemental fish oil?
    In patients with cytologic abnormalities on Pap smear, what are the indications for HPV DNA testing?
    In patients with type 1 diabetes, do insulin pumps improve outcomes compared with self-injections?
    Integrative medicine (Evidence-based practice, 2012)
    Intro to family health
    Is a carotid bruit a good predictor of underlying carotid stenosis in an asymptomatic person?
    Is a period of inactivity required to safely manage patients with a newly diagnosed DVT?
    Is acupuncture effective for insomnia?
    Is acupuncture effective for treatment of alcohol, opiate, and cocaine abuse?
    Is acupuncture effective for treatment of chronic low-back pain?
    Is acupuncture safe and effective for smoking cessation?
    Is an annual bimanual pelvic examination an effective way to screen for ovarian cancer?
    Is anterior vaginal repair effective for treatment of stress or mixed urinary incontinence in women?
    Is any treatment effective for preventing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a traumatic event?
    Is cold loop resection as safe and effective as loop cautery for polypectomy?
    Is enoxaparin superior to unfractionated heparin for the actue treatment of NSTEMI?