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    What is the most effective therapy for vasomotor rhinitis?
    What is the most effective treatment for osteoporosis in a patient who cannot take bisphosphonates?
    What is the optimal interval for checking liver function tests (LFTs) in patients taking statins?
    What is the optimal number of prenatal visits for low-risk women in the United States?
    What is the prevalence of vaginal dryness postpartum and what is the best treatment?
    What is the prognosis of cervical radiculopathy?
    What is the role of C-reactive protein (CRP) in diagnosing neonatal sepsis?
    What is the role of hypertonic saline nebulization in patients with asthma?
    What is the role of vitamin D supplementation in metabolic syndrome?
    What is the sensitivity and specificity of skin scraping in the office to detect scabies?
    What is the value of a follow-up chest x-ray in a patient who has been hospitalized for community-acquired pneumonia?
    What medications are safe and effective for aggressive behavior in patients with dementia?
    What medications are safe and effective for heartburn during pregnancy?
    What medicine best prevents migraines in children?
    What treatments are effective for childhood obesity?
    When and how is induction permissible for women with a history of cesarean delivery?
    When is hysterectomy indicated in treatment of fibroids?
    When is repair of a ruptured tympanic membrane indicated?
    Which infants with chronic lung disease are candidates for palivizumab, and when should it start?
    Which weight loss diet is most effective for improving glycemic control in persons with type 2 diabetes?