To create a bridge uniting innovators with those who can advance, develop and commercialize technologies. To foster relationships between the MU academic community and industry professionals. To serve as a catalyst for economic development in Missouri. To reward and honor the individuals that have worked to turn dreams into realities.

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  • Missouri Technology Expo 2011 Keynote Address 

    Bond, Christopher S. (2011-09)
    Former Missouri Senator Christopher S. "Kit" Bond delivers the Keynote address starting the Missouri Technology Expo 2011.
  • Missouri Technology Expo 2011 Speakers 

    Missouri Technology Expo (2011-09)
    List of speakers with biographical details for the Missouri Tech Expo 2011.
  • Missouri Technology Expo 2011 schedule of events 

    Missouri Technology Expo (2012-03)
    Schedule of events for the Missouri Technology Expo 2011 on September 08 2011 at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
  • Technology management and industry relations: the Missouri Technology Expo 2011 Handbook 

    Missouri Technology Expo (2011-09)
    Handbook and schedule of events for the Missouri Technology Expo 2011 held September 08 2011 at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
  • Adfreeq: a Social Networking Classified Ad application for Newspapers 

    Meng, Peter (2011-09)
    Adfreeq is an online classified ad service marketed to local newspapers for use in their own markets. Adfreeq interfaces with an ad-creators social networking applications. This presentation was an elevator pitch at the ...
  • Steerable Epidural Catheter 

    Hafez, Zachary (2011-09)
    Prior epidural catheters have a much greater risk of damage to patients' lumbar area of spine since the catheters are either threaded directly into the cervical and thoracic spaces at the corresponding levels with no ...
  • Electrical Method for the Rapid Detection of Viable Bacteria in Suspensions 

    Sengupta, Shramik (2011-09)
    The core technology is an electrical method that can detect the presence of viable bacteria present at low concentration (< 100/ml) in various suspension 4-10 times faster than currently possible. Although this can be used ...
  • Detecting microRNA (miRNA) using nanopore single molecule detector 

    Gu, Li-Qun (2011-09)
    MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of short (~18-24-nt) non-coding RNAs molecules that regulate gene expression at the post- transcriptional level. Aberrant expression of miRNAs has been found in all types of tumors. Most ...
  • MedSocket: connecting the world of medicine 

    Kochendorfer, Karl M. (2011-09)
    Between researching illnesses and consulting with patients, Doctors and healthcare professionals find themselves stretched for time. MedSocket is an online medical information discovery tool already in use at the University ...
  • Accurate and Non-invasive Quantification of Central Nervous System Pathology 

    Song, Sheng-Kweit (2011-09)
    Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has demonstrated sensitivity to detect pathologies in CNS white matter disorders. However, the capability of DTI to detect CNS white matter pathologies is confounded by the coexisting structural ...
  • Gold Nanoparticles from Green Sources 

    Katti, Kattesh V. (2011-09)
    Gold nanoparticles are being used in a myriad of medical and technological applications ranging from diagnostic, therapy agents in medicine, to sensors in telecommunication/auto industry and as sources of catalysts in ...
  • Photoacoustic Detection of Metastatic Melanoma 

    Viator, John A. (2011-09)
    We in the Viator lab at the University of Missouri have invented a cell sorting apparatus that is capable of high throughput analysis of blood samples from patients at risk for metastatic melanoma. This invention is similar ...
  • Novel Bionanocomposite for orthopedic and dental applications 

    Li, Hao, 1975- (2011-09)
    Bone and tooth are composed of nanoscale hard inorganic building blocks in soft organic matrix. For years, metals have dominated orthopedic and dental implant markets due to their sufficient mechanical properties, although ...
  • Engineering Animal Meat 

    Forgács, Gabor, 1949- (2011-09)
    The global market for meat has increased as the economies of developing countries advance. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more than 9 billion people in the world to feed. With the increase in population and ...
  • Sensor Organosilicate Nanoparticles for Diagnostic Devices and Environmental Devices 

    Bok, Sangho, 1972- (2011-09)
    This invention reports a novel technique for the rapid and cost-efficient synthesis of organosilicate nanoparticles (OSNPs) that have been successfully applied as individual building blocks for various applications. Through ...
  • Nanothermite Micro-Thrusters 

    Raymond, Kris (2011-09)
    Micro-thrusters created utilizing nano-scale composites of an inorganic oxidizer and metallic fuel source have been shown to provide tunable thrust amplitude at least one order of magnitude higher and tunable durations at ...
  • Highly efficient, thermally-powered ejector cooling and refrigeration system 

    Cheng, Peng, 1979- (2011-09)
    ThermAvant is developing its patent-pending, thermally-driven refrigeration technology that uses an advanced ejector vapor compression cycle to convert 200-350F heat into useful cooling at unprecedented efficiencies. ...
  • Hydraulic Bed Sensor 

    Heise, David (2011-09)
    The present invention provides a hydraulic bed sensor to noninvasively monitor pulse, respiration, and restlessness during sleep. This sensor is designed for in-home use, hospital, nursing home, or other home for the elderly ...