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Hydraulic Bed Sensor

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Title: Hydraulic Bed Sensor
Author: Heise, David
Keywords: hydraulic bed sensor
noninvasive monitoring
Date: 2011-09
Abstract: The present invention provides a hydraulic bed sensor to noninvasively monitor pulse, respiration, and restlessness during sleep. This sensor is designed for in-home use, hospital, nursing home, or other home for the elderly as part of an integrated sensor network for the early detection of illness and functional decline in elderly adults. The invention also provides output from the bed sensor which includes quantitative pulse and respiration rates along with time periods of restlessness. Potential Areas of Applications: Medical hospitals, Nursing homes, Out-patient care, In-home monitoring. Patent Status: Patent Pending. Inventor(s): David Heise, Marjorie Skubic, Licet Rosales Paniagua. This presentation was an Engineering elevator pitch at the Missouri Technology Expo 2011.

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