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  • Museum of Art and Archaeology : [magazine] 

    (University of Missouri, Museum of Art and Archaeology, 2004)
  • Single-molecule observation of nucleotide induced conformational changes in basal SecA-ATP hydrolysis 

    Chada, Nagaraju; Chattrakun, Kanokporn; Marsh, Brendan P.; Mao, Chunfeng; Bariya, Priya; King, Gavin M. (2018)
    SecA is the critical adenosine triphosphatase that drives preprotein transport through the translocon, SecYEG, in Escherichia coli. This process is thought to be regulated by conformational changes of specific domains of ...
  • She 

    Smucker, Jake (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    A choral piece.
  • Symphonic requiem 

    Cypret, Kaylene (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    A symphonic requiem
  • A therapist survey of evidence-based practices in publicly funded youth mental health 

    Tugendrajch, Siena K. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    Publicly funded services, such as Medicaid, account for close to half of all youth mental health (MH) services in the U.S. (Buck, 2003; Mark et al., 2007; Pires, 2013). Outcome studies of treatment as usual (TAU), particularly ...
  • Red lion in winter : the life and times of Claude M. Lightfoot 

    Olson, Michael Dennis (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    "In August 1985, a 75-year-old man in South Chicago saw an eviction in progress at 8051 South Yates Boulevard. Movers carried the family's goods and possessions out to the street, as police watched nearby. For the old man ...
  • The Saudi-American aid relationship, 1961-1968 

    Larsen, Brian (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    This thesis is about the intersection of domestic and foreign politics, and how they can shape the aid relationship between two countries. The United States and Saudi Arabia have shared a connection since the early 20th ...
  • Economic sanctions and human security : overstated backfire 

    Jeong, Jin Mun (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    A large body of scholarship have shown that economic sanctions cause human suffering in target states. This unintended negative effect of sanctions might undermine legitimacy international sanctions regime. However, grave ...
  • Three essays on monetary and financial economics 

    Cao, Xueli (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    This three-chapter dissertation focuses on the research topics in Monetary and Financial Economics. The first paper examines the time-varying impact of U.S. monetary policy shocks on asset prices. The monetary policy shock ...
  • Examining the nature of epistemic value 

    Burmeister, Jonathan (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
  • In the land of hobitss where the slow slip events lie 

    Yohler, Ryan Michael (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    Continuous GPS campaigns over the last few decades have brought an unprecedented look into the behaviors and processes that drive subduction zones. A major discovery during this time has been Slow Slip Events, which release ...
  • Antecedents and motives for smoking in borderline personality disorder 

    Valadka, Jaclyn S. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    Though borderline personality disorder (BPD) is associated with higher rates of substance use, including cigarette smoking (Carpenter, Wood, & Trull, 2016; Rohde, Lewinsohn, Brown, Gau, & Kahler, 2003; Trull, Jahng, Tomko, ...
  • University student indigenous intercultural sensitivity and short-term study abroad 

    Ullestad, Mollie (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    There is an extreme underrepresentation of indigenous peoples within American study abroad programs, and student participants rarely gain an authentic experience, awareness, and intercultural sensitivity towards such groups. ...
  • Forestria 

    Smith, Collen Francis (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    In the human imagination, the forest has functioned as the stage of myth and folktale, and as a place where we can both seek shelter and fear for our lives. Even though the forest has been such an integral part of human ...
  • From research to relationship : towards affinity-based scholarship and indigenous community empowerment 

    Reece, David (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    Decades of technocratic development projects have been shown to mostly fail at reducing poverty. In response, decentralizing initiatives focused on community and local empowerment have become a strong trend. However, ...
  • The role of conflict communication in the link between marital and sibling relationship qualities 

    Odudu, Christopher (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    Research shows that persistently intense marital conflict has deleterious effects on children, leading to adjustment problems such as anxiety or aggression (Grych & Fincham, 2001; Ha, Overbeek, Vermulst, & Engels, 2009). ...
  • & the dynamo 

    Nutt, Zachary C. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    The artworks within & The Dynamo combine the visual histories of cartography, landscape painting, infographics and systems based abstraction to evaluate the industrial complexes and infrastructure that make up the contemporary ...
  • How to use social networking sites as a tool to support Spanish language teaching for Spanish elementary levels courses at the university level 

    Alvarez, Leonardo Montes (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    Social networking sites (SNSs) are one of the most important platforms in the development of information and communication technology (ICT). This technology motivated me to set the following main objective in this study: ...
  • Beyond sight 

    McMurry, Caleb (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    Beyond Sight highlights the research, personal experiences, and conceptual underpinnings that inform Caleb McMurry's artwork in his homonymous Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition. Personally informative and subjective ...
  • Implementation of a low-cost, web-based, multi-component training for trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy 

    Marriott, Brigid R. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    Although continuing education appears to be a promising strategy for closing the research-to-practice gap, effective trainings that result in clinician behavior change remain expensive and largely inaccessible. The current ...

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