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  • MUSEUM Magazine, Number 69 (2016 Fall) 

    Barker, Alex W.; Ruppar, Rebecca; Carlson, Alisa; Atuhura, Dorothy; Callaway, Cathy; Mehrhoff, Arthur; Kidd, Benton; Anger, Gary (The Museum of Art and Archaeology, 2016)
    Featured in this issue, "Distinction : five centuries of portraiture. July 29-December 23, 2016." This exhibition explores the human image from 1586 to today in painting, print, photography, and textile.
  • MUSEUM Magazine, Number 68 (2016 Winter) 

    Barker, Alex W.; Schwain, Kristin; Carlson, Alisa; Overholser, Lisa; Callaway, Cathy; Mehrhoff, Arthur; Kidd, Benton; Anger, Gary (The Museum of Art and Archaeology, 2016)
    The issue's feature article, "Afro-Cuban artists: a Renaissance. Manuel Mendive and Eduardo “Choco” Roca Salazar February 23--May 1, 2016," focuses on two of the most celebrated Cuban artists working today. Both men ...
  • MUSEUM Magazine, Number 67 (2015 Fall) 

    Barker, Alex W.; Callaway, Cathy; Higgins, Lisa L.; Mehrhoff, Arthur; Anger, Gary (The Museum of Art and Archaeology, 2015)
    The issue's feature article, "Classical convergence Greek and Roman myths in European prints : exhibition dates: September 29, 2015 through January 24, 2016," describes the exhibition which is inspired by tales of the ...
  • MUSEUM Magazine, Number 66 (2015 Winter) 

    Barker, Alex W.; Smith, Heather; Callaway, Cathy; Wilcox, Jeffrey; Cox, Bruce; Kidd, Benton; Higgins, Lisa L.; Mehrhoff, Arthur; Anger, Gary (The Museum of Art and Archaeology, 2015)
    The issue's feature article, "Jun Kaneko's large-scale ceramics," focuses on The Museum of Art and Archaeology's acquisition of three works by Japanese-American ceramics artist Jun Kaneko. Egyptian King, Egyptian Queen, ...
  • MUSEUM Magazine, Number 64 (2014 Winter) 

    Barker, Alex W.; Gibbons, Danielle; Pierucci, Antone; Higgins, Lisa L.; Callaway, Cathy; Mehrhoff, Arthur; Southwick, Scott; Kidd, Benton (MU Museum of Art and Archaeology, 2014)
    The issue's feature article, "The Alluring Lady Hamilton," focuses on two portraits of Lady Hamilton: Portrait of Lady Hamilton, by the British artist George Romney, and Portrait of Lady Hamilton as a Bacchante, by another ...
  • MUSEUM Magazine, Number 65 (2014 Fall) 

    Barker, Alex W.; Milanick, Meg; Callaway, Cathy; Balaskovits, A. A.; Mehrhoff, Arthur; Wilcox, Jeffrey; Cox, Bruce (MU Museum of Art and Archaeology, 2014)
    The issue's feature article, "Heart of the Nation Moves to the Museum," focuses on The Missouri: Heart of the Nation collection of ninety-eight paintings that has moved from the walls of Jesse Hall to its new home at the ...
  • WWII propaganda : the influence of racism 

    Miles, Hannah (Campus Writing Program, 2012-03)
    Images created in times of war reveal the tensions and fears ignited by the conflicts between nations.
  • Relaunch (Editor's Introduction) 

    Clark, Naomi (Campus Writing Program, 2012-03)
    This is the inaugural issue of Artifacts relaunch.
  • What would James Bond do? Signaling and precarious manhood 

    Winegard, Benjamin (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    In five studies, we investigate the connection between precarious manhood, signaling, and the mate-choice behavior of men. Specifically, we propose that manhood (as a reputation or status) is a tenuous social construct. ...
  • Ambulatory assessment of physiological arousal, emotion, and alcohol use 

    Tomko, Rachel L. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    Research examining whether negative affect leads to drinking has produced mixed results (Greeley and Oei, 1999; Sher and Grekin, 2007). The current project enlisted participants (n=43) oversampled for affective instability, ...
  • Application of systems factorial technology and hierarchical Bayesian modeling to chunking in working memory 

    Thiele, Jonathan (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    Although there is substantial evidence supporting the existence of chunking in Working Memory, much of it is dependent on a small range of experimental methods, many of which rely on accuracy measures. Consequently, I feel ...
  • Synthesis, characterization and photophysical studies of cyclometalated Au(III) complexes 

    Nilakantan, Lakshmi (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    We report here a series of room temperature emissive biphenyl cyclometalated gold (III) diethyl dithiocarbamate complexes (DEDT) having H, CF3, OMe and tBu substitutions on the biphenyl moiety. Synthesis of these complexes ...
  • Quasilinear elliptic equations with sub-natural growth aand nonlinar potentials 

    Cao, Dat Tien (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of finite energy and weak solutions are given. Sharp global pointwise estimates of solutions are obtained as well. We also discuss the uniqueness and regularity properties ...
  • Chlorine and singlet oxygen photoelimination from organoplatinum(IV) complexes 

    Perera, Tharushi A. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    Solar energy is the most promising carbon neutral energy source for the future. Splitting of simple molecules like HX (X = Cl, Br) has become an attractive way to convert and store solar energy. Halogen photoelimination ...
  • The role of heme oxygenase in metastatic melanoma tumorigenicity 

    Jasmer, Kimberly J. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are highly reactive, tumorigenic molecules. In response to ROS accumulation, or oxidative stress, the transcription factor Nrf2 promotes expression by binding antioxidant response elements ...
  • A two-fold approach towards understanding properties of two self-assembled macrocycles: resorcin[4]arene and pyrogallol[4]arene 

    Drachnik, Amanda M. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    Self-assembled macrocycles, molecular entities that are connected together spontaneously in a cyclic manner, are studied herein. Pyrogallol[4]arene (PgC) and resorcin[4]arene (RsC), self-assembled macrocycles made from ...
  • Therapeutic and chemopreventive potential of luteolin against growth and metastasis of breast cancer 

    Cook, Matthew T. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in older women. Many postmenopausal women undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Recent studies implicate the ...
  • Monitoring membrane protein structural changes and interactions via deep UV resonance Raman spectroscopy 

    Brown, Mia C. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    Membrane proteins perform a variety of functions within our cells. They transport nutrients and waste across the lipid barrier, transmit signals from one part of the body to another, and run our immune system. However, ...
  • It takes a village: Twentieth Century black women's fiction and the spiritual apprenticeship narrative 

    Bailey, Constance (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    This dissertation looks at nine works by contemporary black women writers and argues that the relationships between the major characters in the text reflect and emphasize the importance of mentoring bonds in black communities. ...
  • The [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement of propargylic sulfonates to allenic sulfones and further applications to oxacycles and dihydrofuranones 

    Tata, Rama Rao (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    The scope of [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement of propargylic sulfinates to allenic sulfones by silver catalysis was expanded. A series of new propargylic sulfinate esters was generated from a variety of aromatic and ...

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