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    1,5-hydride shift of alkenyl sulfoximine/[4+3] cycloaddition and ring opening/novel hydrazine synthesis from Tröger's base analogues [1]
    2D and 3D modeling of the Laramide fold geometry of Derby Dome and its en echelon interchange with Dallas Dome, southern Wind River Basin, Wyoming [1]
    Accounting for Uncertainty in Ecological Analysis: The Strengths and Limitations of Hierarchical Statistical Modeling [1]
    Accuracy and Visualization [1]
    An actor-network analysis of the Arizona Trail [1]
    Adair County Census Tract & Voting District Maps [1]
    Adapting multisystemic therapy for disruptive behavior problems in youth with autism spectrum disorder : [1]
    Adaptive optimal designs for dose-finding studies and an adaptive multivariate CUSUM control chart [1]
    Affine & Curvilinear Transformations [1]
    Affirming whiteness: a critical discourse analysis of the affirmative action debate in the Fisher case [1]
    Against Maximizing Act-Consequentialism [1]
    Airy-function electron localization in the oxide superlattices [1]
    Album Review of The Velvet Underground & Nico [1]
    Alcohol Placebo Effects on Cognitive Control of Race Bias: Investigating Neural Mechanisms [1]
    Allemande Left and Do-si-do: Missouri Folk Arts Turns Corners With Rural Schools [1]
    Americanizing Africanization: The Congo Crisis, 1960-1967 [1]
    Amulet [1]
    Analysis of Education and Income in the U. S. [poster] [1]
    Analysis of Gbx genes during neural development [1]
    Analysis of post-translational modifications of the blue light photoreceptor, phot1, by the CRL3NPH3 ubiquitin ligase complex [1]