• Brazen creature 

    Barngrover, Anne (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    [ACCESS RESTRICTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI AT AUTHOR'S REQUEST.] Brazen Creature spans a young woman's awakening. The poems' concerns are twofold: violence against women and girls that has become rooted in the land, ...
  • The education of a gambler's daughter 

    Benjamin, Deanna (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    The Education of a Gambler's Daughter is a creative dissertation that tells the story of a daughter trying to make sense out of the chaos that resulted from her family's relationship to gambling. In the process of this ...
  • Fire pond and new poems 

    Garratt, Jessica, 1977- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2011)
    The creative portion of this dissertation consists of one full-­‐length manuscript of poems called Fire Pond, which won the Agha Shahid Ali Prize in Poetry and was published by the University of Utah Press in 2009, plus ...
  • My America 

    Parmenter, Chad (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2011)
    My dissertation, my America, is partly a series of poems written from the perspective of Modernist photographer Edward Weston. The first section, “Tina mia,” is situated in the late 1920's, when he had left his lover and ...
  • Songs of Republic: Envisioning Democracy in the American Long Poem 

    Kane, Thomas (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)