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    Distinction in death: an analysis of individuality, sociality, and brand consumption in contemporary American funeral practices
    A dual mode pulsed electro-magnetic cell stimulator
    Effect of an oral health education program for caregivers delivering oral hygiene care to residents in a long-term care facility
    Effect of refrigerant spray on orthodontic composite resin-bracket debond strength and associated adhesive remnant index
    The effect of rhythm and melody on language development and sensory organization in children with autism
    The effect of social service agencies on crime rates in Kansas City, Missouri
    The effect of violent video game play on emotion modulation of startle
    The effects of bronze and composite sleeves on trunnion yoke plate stress concentrations
    Effects of deceptive behavior on biomechanical measures of standing posture
    Effects of topical fluoride prophylactic agents on the mechanical properties of orthodontic nickel-titanium closed coil springs
    Emotional responsivity in people high and low in trait positive affect
    Event driven querying of semantic sensor web services
    An examination of the impact of parental drug use, family transition, and environmental conditions on adolescents' self-reported drug use, delinquency, and deviant behaviors
    Finite element analysis and experimental comparison of doubly reinforced concrete slabs subjected to blast loads
    Fixing "the man problem": masculine discourse in Christian men's ministries
    A genetic linkage map of the fungus phycomyces blakesleeanus for gene identification by map-based cloning
    A geography of the heart
    Geostatistical analysis of land use/land cover changes and population growth trends in the Komadugu-Yobe River Basin in Nigeria
    Geostatistical integration of core and well log data for high-resolution reservoir modeling
    Goya and the grotesque: a study of themes of witchcraft and monstrous bodies