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    Ocular pharmacokinetics and efficacy of various amino acid and dipeptide prodrugs of ganciclovir
    Pathétique: a tale of two rabbys
    Perceptions of program effectiveness: an evaluation of a domestic violence treatment program
    Picasso : theatre artist
    Plantains in the rain
    Presentation and performance of gender and sexuality in early English defamation litigation
    Pressure-impulse diagrams using finite element analysis for reinforced concrete slabs subjected to blast loading
    The relationship between individual, neighborhood, and city characteristics and fear of crime
    The role of health risk perception variables on smoking-related outcomes in a motivational interviewing-based intervention for college students
    The shepherd of the hills
    Situation Aware Mobile Apps Framework
    Smoking cessation counseling: What do physicians really say and how do they say it?
    Social Bridge: searching beyond Friend of a Friend networks
    A study of gossip algorithms for internet-scale cardinality estimation of distributed XML data
    A study of network for multi hour traffic under splittable and non splittable flow conditions
    Things unseen
    Toby Dick Ellis: Richard Elsenpeter's career in tent repertoire theatre, television, and marionette puppetry
    The traditions and history of indigo dyed textiles in Sierra Leone as they relate to the art and life of Hajja Kadiatu Kamara
    Transcending the metanarrative: the postmodern spirituality of Shirazeh Houshiary's sculpture
    Twelve dead jackrabbits : stories & poems