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    The eco-physiology of PHOT1/phot1[delta]PKD, insights into a phototropically enhanced mutant.
    Ecological conditions of secondary sexual dimorphism in salix glauca: fundamental and realized dimorphic niche
    Effects and interactions of endocrine disrupting chemicals and diet on the mouse reproductive system
    Effects of Altered Prenatal Hormonal Environment on Expression of Autoimmune Disease in NZB/NZW Mice
    The effects of aneuploidy on gene expression in a dosage series of maize chromosome arm 1L
    The effects of axotomy on the biophysical properties of reticulospinal neurons in larval lamprey
    Effects of forest fragmentation on reproductive effort and productivity of Indigo buntings (Passerina cyanea)
    The effects of histone acetylation on the maize allele PL1-blotched
    Effects of phenotype- and condition-dependent factors on juvenile dispersal of the ringed salamander (Ambystoma annulatum)
    Effects of prescribed fire and timber harvest on terrestrial salamander abundance, behavior, and microhabitat use
    Effects of riparian buffer width on stream salamander populations in the southern Appalachian Mountains
    Effects of spatial subsidies and canopy cover on pond communities and multiple life stages in amphibians
    Effects of Timber Harvest on Amphibian Populations: Understanding Mechanisms from Forest Experiments
    Effects of Timber Harvest on Amphibian Populations: Understanding Mechanisms from Forest Experiments. Appendix
    Enhancement of plant vision to increase drought tolerance and bioproduction [abstract]
    Eph/Ephrin signalling in skeletal muscle development and regeneration
    Estradiol and Bisphenol A Stimulate Androgen Receptor and Estrogen Receptor Gene Expression in Fetal Mouse Prostate Mesenchyme Cells
    Eukaryotic membrane tethers revisited using magnetic tweezers
    Evaluating the Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Endocrine Function during Development
    Evolution and development of the paired spikelet trait in maize and other grasses (Poaceae)