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    Partitioning detectability components in populations subject to within-season temporary emigration using binomial mixture models
    Phase transformations in a model mesenchymal tissue
    Phylogenetic and behavioral differentiation in the canyon treefrog, Hyla arenicolor
    Phylogenetic and phylogenomic studies of wild onions (Allium, Amaryllidaceae) at three taxonomic scales
    Phylogenomics of ancient whole genome duplications in the Brassicales
    Phylogeography and Population Genomics of the American Black Bear (Ursus americanus)
    Plant Adaptation to Drought --- Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Missouri [abstract]
    Pond-Breeding Amphibian Community Composition in Missouri
    Population dynamics of a migrant songbird: do we need to monitor the entire breeding season?
    Postcopulatory sexual selection in the soldier fly Merosargus cingulatus
    The Protein Storage Vacuole: A Unique Compound Organelle
    Quantitative biological studies at cellular and sub-cellular level
    R Script for a Population Viability Analysis of Ringed Salamanders
    Raptor and wading bird migration in Veracruz, Mexico: spatial and temporal dynamics, flight performance, and monitoring applications
    Regulation of ceramide synthase 1 in cellular stress response
    Regulation of plant development in Arabidopsis
    Reinforcement signaling in Drosophila
    Role of non-hypophototropic hypocotyl₃ (NPH₃) in regulation of phototropism in Arabidopsis
    The role of RNAi genes in Neurospora Crassa post-transcriptional gene silencing