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    Anogenital Distance and Phthalate Exposure: Swan et al. Respond [1]
    Automated analysis of temperature dataloggers to determine hydroperiods of vernal wetlands [1]
    Bacteriophage HP2 of Haemophilus influenzae [1]
    Biogenesis of the Protein Storage Vacuole Crystalloid [1]
    Coregulation of Ion Channel Conductances Preserves Output in a Computational Model of a Crustacean Cardiac Motor Neuron [1]
    Developmental Effects of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Wildlife and Humans [1]
    Effects of Altered Prenatal Hormonal Environment on Expression of Autoimmune Disease in NZB/NZW Mice [1]
    Effects of Timber Harvest on Amphibian Populations: Understanding Mechanisms from Forest Experiments [1]
    Effects of Timber Harvest on Amphibian Populations: Understanding Mechanisms from Forest Experiments. Appendix [1]
    Estradiol and Bisphenol A Stimulate Androgen Receptor and Estrogen Receptor Gene Expression in Fetal Mouse Prostate Mesenchyme Cells [1]
    Eukaryotic membrane tethers revisited using magnetic tweezers [1]
    Evaluating the Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Endocrine Function during Development [1]
    Experimental evaluation of apparent tissue surface tension based on the exact solution of the Laplace equation [1]
    Exposure Assessment for Endocrine Disruptors: Some Considerations in the Design of Studies [1]
    Exposure to a Low Dose of Bisphenol A during Fetal Life or in Adulthood Alters Maternal Behavior in Mice [1]
    An Extensive New Literature Concerning Low-Dose Effects of Bisphenol A Shows the Need for a New Risk Assessment [1]
    Good Laboratory Practices Are Not Synonymous with Good Scientific Practices, Accurate Reporting, or Valid Data [1]
    Good Laboratory Practices: Myers et al. Respond [1]
    Haplo-Insufficiency of MPK3 in MPK6 Mutant Background Uncovers a Novel Function of These Two MAPKs in Arabidopsis Ovule Development [1]
    Intermediate Pond Sizes Contain the Highest Density, Richness, and Diversity of Pond-Breeding Amphibians [1]