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What's in a Label?

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Title: What's in a Label?
Author: Marshall, Karen K.
Keywords: labeling guidelines
consumer perception
Date: 1998
Publisher: AgBioForum
Citation: AgBioForum 1(1) 1998: 35-37.
Abstract: We believe that any labeling statements must be capable of verification and enforcement. Appropriately validated detection methods will be critical when labeling is required. While there may well be a place for products identified as not containing ingredients derived from modern biotechnology, such labeling must be verified through analytical techniques and must be truthful and not misleading. Will a “does contain” label on a food product in Europe do no more than satisfy a consumer's right to information or will it cause consumers to avoid the labeled product? Will it be seen as what it is - information - or perceived as a warning?
ISSN: 1522-936X

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