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Things unseen

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Title: Things unseen
Author: Edmondson, Jennifer Diane
Date: 2012-06-01
Publisher: University of Missouri--Kansas City
Abstract: This piece began as my reaction to a series of personal losses during my final year of graduate school. The most intense of these losses was a rapid decline in my father's health, which brought many changes to my family. I sought for a way to express the kaleidoscope of emotions and thoughts I experienced as a result of these changes, especially in the months immediately following my father's diagnosis. I felt drawn to a sectional form for the piece, which allowed me to create contrasting motives for different feelings and perspectives. While each of these motives is explored independently, the great musical challenge of the piece became fitting them together into a cohesive whole. For this reason, the piece is not so much a chronological representation of circumstances, as a musical exploration of loss and hope.

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