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Plantains in the rain

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Title: Plantains in the rain
Author: Wang, A Mao
Date: 2012-06-12
Publisher: University of Missouri--Kansas City
Abstract: "Plantains in the Rain" is an early masterpiece of Cantonese music (a type of Chinese traditional instrumental ensemble music). The piece depicts the pattering of rain drops on plantains in early summer. My composition Plantains in the Rain for orchestra has shown how I got inspiration from the Chinese traditional music, and formed my personal creative concept, in order to compose in Chinese style with Western compositional approach. By slowing down and ornamenting the original theme, contrasting the legato and staccato phrases, altering the rhythm, and employing various dynamics, I attempted to depict the image of the raindrop's pattering sound and the plantains swaying gesture in the rain. I first worked on the piano in a four-hands version, as a study for composing this orchestral work. As the musical textures and the sonority were expanded, the dramaturgy of the piece was also changed. However, the image and the spirit of the original music were shared thoroughly in both versions. ii

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