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The waters

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Title: The waters
Author: Hummer, Beth
Date: 2012-06-12
Publisher: University of Missouri--Kansas City
Abstract: 'The Waters' is a piece inspired by nature and the ways water manifests itself in nature. Water can exist in such varied ways, from a flowing river to destructive hail to delicate morning dew. These multiple existences create multiple personalities that are vastly different but inherently linked by the foundation of their existence: water. Water is an ever-changing compound that, when used as musical inspiration, lends itself to a wide range of emotions and sources of beauty. The manifestations of water were carefully chosen to provide contrast. The piece opens with a quick, whimsical flight through the clouds. Leaping intervals and short, punctuated notes embody a lighthearted adventure. The second movement begins slowly, quietly exploring a serene glacier. As the powerful beauty of the glacier becomes more apparent, the music swells in recognition and then dies away. A rainstorm is the focus of the third movement. It begins with the quiet before the storm, the sound of the wind present. As the storm grows, more and more instruments join to surge through the rain. The fourth movement is sparse and empty to represent the mysterious presence of fog. Small gestures are traded between instruments, winding a wispy path through the air. The final movement is meant to capture the majesty of the ocean. Chorale sections played by the brass create a sense of grand vastness while the bright sounds of the woodwinds and percussion reflect on the joy of the water.

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