This collection contains the theses submitted to the Graduate School at the University of Missouri in the years 1900-1909. These copies were digitized from print copies at MU Libraries.

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  • Housing conditions in St. Louis 

    Miller, Edwin Burch (University of Missouri, 1907)
    "Citizens of the City of St. Louie have joined with Mr. Lawrence Veillier, Deputy Commissioner of the New York Tenement House Commission, in the belief that St. Louis has no tenement problem. Regarding a housing problem ...
  • Physiological studies on parasitic fusaria with special reference to fusarium lycopersici saccardo 

    Neumann, Eleanor Henrietta (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from pages 2-3: "Tomato Wilt, Bacterial Wilt, and Septoria Leaf Spot are the most important diseases of this plant. My studies have been with the organism causing tomato wilt, Fussarium lycopersici Sacc."
  • A comparison of the phonology of Latin Umbrian and Oscan 

    Freudenberger, Norman (University of Missouri, 1901)
  • The histology of voluntary muscle in cattle and changes which occur during fattening 

    Bullard, H. Hays (University of Missouri, 1909)
    Abstract derived from the Introduction section of the thesis: The present investigation does not enter into a general consideration of the histology or voluntary striated muscle but is confined to a few phases of the ...
  • The Homeric and Hesiodic conception of the universe 

    Ammerman, J. W. (University of Missouri, 1905)
    Abstract taken from the Introduction section of the thesis: The chief purpose· of this paper is to give a full account of the Homeric and Hesiodic ideas of' the different parts of the universe, the main sources of information ...
  • The emerging Negro in advertising 

    Hasser, Charles J. (Charles John), 1940- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1966)
    This thesis studies the existence and use of African Americans in advertisements in the United States by examining the origin, growth, purpose, problems, and future of racial integration in advertising.
  • The effect of different nutritive planes upon the economy of gain and the rate of growth of young cattle 

    Evvard, John M. (John Marcus), b. 1884 (University of Missouri, 1909)
    This investigation was undertaken in order that something might be learned concerning: (a) the cost of maintenance of live weight in ungrown cattle; (b) the effect of a maintenance ration upon the condition of ungrown ...
  • University of Missouri as a centralizing factor in the educational activities of the state 

    Malott, James Isaac (University of Missouri, 1910)
    In many lines of activity to-day, there is a strong tendency toward centralization, for organization is a great solvent of waste. In the business world this has resulted in the corporations of the country. In the state ...
  • A study in seventh grade subject-matter 

    Mecker, Herman Heinrich (University of Missouri, 1913)
    Two years ago the writer came into the University Elementary School to devote about half time to teaching the seventh grade and the other half to graduate work in the University. As the writer worked along he found that ...
  • The election laws of Missouri 

    Otis, Merrill E. (Merrill Edward), 1884-1944 (University of Missouri, 1910)
    On June 18, 1808, the Legislative Council provided for the election of five trustees in incorporated municipalities and a survey of this first election law reveals the general principles which will be found to underlie ...
  • Wordsworth's theory of diction 

    Kahn, Thekla (University of Missouri, 1902)
    With the questions, "What is Wordsworth's theory of diction?", "Did Wordsworth put his theory into practice?", and, indirectly, though necessarily, "Is Wordsworth's theory a correct one?" this paper purposes to deal. In ...
  • The women characters in Schiller's dramas 

    Dyas, Virginia Bouchelle (University of Missouri, 1907)
    It is the confirmed opinion of the majority of critics that Schiller's genius proclaimed itself in the portrayal of strong, manly, and heroic characters, and that the tenderness, gentleness, and delicateness of his female ...
  • The withdrawal of pupils from school 

    Major, John William McGarvey (University of Missouri, 1906)
    This subject has, perhaps, received more attention and less careful study than any other educational problem. The numerous compulsory school attendance laws, both in Europe and America, testify to the consideration this ...
  • Vectors in four dimensions 

    Pemberton, Walker S. (University of Missouri, 1909)
    The interest attaching to n-dimensional geometry comes chiefly from two sources, first the light thrown upon analysis by a geometric interpretation of its results when more than three variables are involved, and second, ...
  • The variable RS Cassicpeiae (108.1904) 

    Haynes, Eli Stuart (University of Missouri, 1907)
    The variability of this star was discovered by Madame Ceraski from plates made by Blakjo at Moscow, and was announced in A. N. No. 3953. The photographs indicated a variation from the ninth to the eleventh magnitude ...
  • The use of simul, simulac (atque) and synonyms, cum primum ut primum and ubi primum from the earliest literature down to the Augustan age 

    Corder, Lotta F. (University of Missouri, 1905)
    The Latin language has a large number of equivalent expressions meaning "as soon as". If they are compared with those used for any other single temporal idea, they are found to be far more numerous than those used for ...
  • The use of simul, simul ac (atque) and synonyms, cum primum, ut primum and ubi primum, from the Ciceronian period on 

    Sewall, Helen Alberta (University of Missouri, 1905)
    A language when compared to a people shows many points of similarity. Though both are continuous themselves, each is made up of individual units that have their birth, growth and death, but in the case of words, as not ...
  • Use of green manures & cover crops for the south 

    Chapman, Abel Hugh (University of Missouri, 1907)
    The problem of restoring the fertility to the worn soils and of maintaining that of the new or fresh soils is perhaps the most serious one with which the farmers of the cotton states are confronted. It is indeed unfortunate ...
  • The use of faxo and obsecro in Plautus 

    Stump, Margaret Lou (University of Missouri, 1904)
    In the reading of Plautus one notices many words used paratactically which in classical Latin subordinate the following clause. Prominent among these words are faxo and obsecro, and it is the purpose of this paper to ...
  • The treatment of irrational numbers in the secondary schools 

    Hedges, Peter Thompson (University of Missouri, 1908)
    The subject matter of this paper was suggested by the belief that a treatment of irrational numbers, from the stand point of the "cut" number, has certain points of superiority over the common treatment from the standpoint ...

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