This community contains the collection of theses submitted to the Graduate School by masters degree candidates at the University of Missouri in the years 1910-1919.

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  • The life and novels of H. G. Wells 

    Sullens, Zay Rusk (University of Missouri, 1919)
    Text from page i: "My plan for the discussion of the novels has been shaped largely by my conviction that in all of the novels the main interest, both to Wells and to the Reader, lies in the matter of theme. I have ...
  • The concentration of radium and mesothrorium bromides by fractional crystallization 

    Nierman, John Lewis (University of Missouri, 1919)
    Text from page 4: "In the course of this study we were led to the conclusion that the crystallization factor is independent of the acid concentration and varies only with the percent of crystals separating out. Our ...
  • Comparative rankings of normal school graduates and full course university students in the School of Education 

    Wiley, James Alvin (University of Missouri, 1917)
    There has been much difference of opinion as to which group of students ranks higher in university scholarship---those who enter the School of Education as normal school graduates or those who spend full four years on the ...
  • An age-grade census of Missouri rural schools 

    Harry, Bertram (University of Missouri, 1919)
    It is the problem of this study to make a diagnosis of the educational conditions in the rural schools of Missouri by means of the age-grade census, to compare these conditions with those of other school systems, to determine ...
  • Minimum milk requirement for calf raising 

    Fohrman, M. H. (Milton Henry), 1886- (University of Missouri, 1919)
    The dairyman is keenly interested in knowing how he can raise his calves in an economical and successful manner. This thesis reports the results of several experiments in early weaning and minimum use of milk for calf ...
  • The influence of Carlyle on the social ideas of Ruskin in the period from 1860 to 1884 

    Woods, Mary Adams (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 1: "To connect the name of Ruskin with that of Carlyle is not a new idea. Every biographer and critic of Ruskin refers to the relation which existed between the two men; all mention especially Ruskin's ...
  • Statistical determination of the response of apple trees to cultural methods 

    Winkler, A. J. (Albert Julius), 1894-1989 (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 1: "Within recent years the subject of orchard tillage has come to be one of much interest to the fruit growers. It is only within the last few decades that tillage has been regarded as important. This may ...
  • The Negro migrant in St. Louis 

    Stith, Priscilla Alden (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 2: "The purpose of this investigation is to ascertain the conditions of negro migrants in this city, and to learn what additional opportunities they need. Migration to the city will not be seriously diminished ...
  • The associated growth of legumes and non-legumes 

    Stadler, L. J. (Lewis John), 1896-1954 (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 87: "This paper reports the results of a trial of soy beans grown with corn in the follOwing ways: (1) planted with corn, both crops at a full normal rate, (2) planted with corn, both at half the normal rate, ...
  • Home service of the American Red Cross 

    Lemmon, Jean Reavis (University of Missouri, 1919)
    Text from page 77: "The conclusion of the report of the committee, "it is the duty of the Red Cross to foster and conserve such social awakening as the Red Cross has brought about and to help local communities to find ways ...
  • A housing survey of Columbia, Missouri 

    Larson, August Friedolf (University of Missouri, 1919)
    Text from page 2: "The following thesis is an investigation into one phase of the social life of Columbia, -- the conditions, of housing. The problem of the investigation is whether the people of Columbia are properly ...
  • A method for the determination of small amounts of chlorine 

    Kendall, Verner V. (University of Missouri, 1919)
    Text from page 3: "In this paper, the authors, in determining the amount of occluded barium chloride in barium sulphate precipitated in the usual manner made use of the foregoing method."
  • A simple presentation of Fourier's Series 

    Jackson, Thomas Wesley (University of Missouri, 1919)
    Text from page 1-2: "It is the chief purpose of this paper to give a relatively simple proof for the possibility of representing a large class of functions by meansof convergent sine or cosine series, - generally classed ...
  • Goethes dramatische technik in der schilderung der frauengestalten 

    Hoffman, Hazel Wallingford (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 98: "Zum Abschluss dieser Forschung konnen wir von Goethes Technik in der Darstellung seiner Frauengestalten behaupten, dass der Dichter ersterlinie seine besten Gedanken und seine innigsten Gefuhle den ...
  • The energy requirements for the normal growth of dairy heifers 

    Dice, James R. (James Renfrew), 1900- (University of Missouri, 1919)
    Text from introduction: "There are at least two reasons why more definite knowledge of the energy requirements of growing cattle are desirable. First, the energy requirement of the animal is known to be high and because ...
  • The story of the farmer 

    Watkins, Ralph Knupp (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from preface: "The purpose of this study is to develop among boys and girls of junior high school age an appreciation of the farmer and the value of his work to society. Many books have been written about the things ...
  • Studies in the winterkilling of cereals 

    Sumner, Harlan Rnadolph (University of Missouri, 1917)
    "It is the object of this thesis to outline the present status of the problem of winterkilling in cereals and to report certain preliminary experiments, indicative of future development, which were conducted by the writer ...
  • Generalizations of theorems from the Theory of Functions 

    Spalding, Julia (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Text from introduction: "Practically all of the text books and lectures on the Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable treat only those functions which have a derivative in every point of some given region. This derivative ...
  • Studies on contagious abortion 

    Newman, Harold Gould (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from Introduction: "This thesis includes a review of the more important literature relating to contagious abortion or infectious abortion that was available, and particularly that dealing with experimental researches ...
  • A study of the costs of the Kansas City high schools for the year 1915-1916 

    Monsees, Albert (University of Missouri, 1917)
    "The problem of this thesis is the study in detail of the cost of the Kansas City high schools for the year 1915-1916 ... For convenience, the problem is divided into several studies, as follows: Study A. A comparative ...

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