This community contains the collection of theses submitted to the Graduate School by masters degree candidates at the University of Missouri in the years 1910-1919.

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  • An investigation of dam failures 

    Anderson, Elmer Lee (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1912)
    "It is the purpose of this investigation to ascertain the main facts; that is the cause of failure, type, dimensions, kind and foundation of the dam; for all the dams that have failed in the U.S.A. during the last 27 years. ...
  • Training teachers for trade and individual subjects 

    Wright, J. C. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    "As an evidence of the great and constantly increasing need for industrial education it is only necessary to note the enormous industrial development of this nation. This was further emphasized during the recent war by the ...
  • Sex variability 

    Summerfield, Hazel (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    The question of variation has long been of interest to scientists. Since the time of Darwin we find investigators endeavoring to determine which sex is the more variable. In a well known controversy on this subject between ...
  • American relations with Mexico 1910-1917 

    Smith, Launa Maria (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    "It is the purpose of this thesis to give an historical account of the international relations existing between the American and Mexican nations from 1910 to 1917." --Page 1.
  • The teaching of community civics 

    Oppenheimer, Julius John (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1916)
    Text taken from page ii: "This thesis is the outgrowth of a feeling that our present day civics is, in a large measure, inadequate to the needs of our citizenship. During my four years' experience in teaching civics in ...
  • The distribution and reactions of the land snails in the vicinity of Columbia Missouri 

    Nelson, Erwin Ellis (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1916)
    Text from page 3: "Introduction: The following study was undertaken at the suggestion of Dr.G .S .Dodds, ,with the intent of discovering the factors which determine the distribution of a group of our local fauna, the land ...
  • Critism of the methods of Christian missions in China from a sociological point of view 

    Mitchell, Dora Otis (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1916)
    Text from page 1: "Christian Missions have been a powerful agency toward the social transformation of mission lands. While it has been as a rule the avowed purpose of missionaries to work for individuals, they have from ...
  • The geology of the Breckenridge, Colorado District 

    Owen, Edgar Wesley (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1916)
    Text from page 1: "The work used as a basis for this report was done during a part of the Summer of I9I5 in connection with a geologic investigation carried on by a party from the University of Missouri, in charge of Prof. ...
  • The surface tension of soap solutions and their emulsifying power 

    White, Mollie Grace (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    "In this work, surface tensions of solutions of sodium palmitate and of sodium stearate in contact with air have been determined. These surface tensions were found to increase with decrease in the concentration of the ...
  • The interrelation of mental functions 

    McCutchan, Hugh Walker (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    "The aim of this dissertation is to review the most important results published up to the present time, and to add a statement and discussion of results obtained in the laboratory of educational psychology at the University ...
  • Infection experiments with Puccinia helianthi Schw 

    Monroe, Elizabeth (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1916)
    "Sunflower seedlings were grown in four or five inch flower pots. The seed was obtained from Henry A. Dreer, of Philadelphia, J.M. Thorburn and Co., of New York, Rev. J.M. Bates, of Red Cloud, Nebraska, E. Bartholemew, of ...
  • Sex-linkage in the silver spangled Hamburg fowl 

    Rucker, Everette Henry (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1916)
    "The results of this experiment show clearly that the spangled pattern of the Silver Spangled Hamburg is inherited as a sex-linked character belonging to the Abraxas type, although the inheritance may be modified by the ...
  • Determination of the variation of the fat, the lipase, the glycogen and the amylase of the liver after feeding and during fasting 

    Prewitt, Proviso V. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1916)
    "In this study the attempt has been made to collect data on the four varying factors in liver composition, - in fat; in lipase, in carbohydrate, and in amylase under conditions of one variant influencing metabolism with ...
  • Negro education 

    Miller, Barney Elic (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    "This study is divided into three parts. Part I attempts to review the general principles involved in education for modern efficiency for whites, for the purpose of throwing some light upon the problems involved in educating ...
  • The life and novels of H. G. Wells 

    Sullens, Zay Rusk (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    Text from page i: "My plan for the discussion of the novels has been shaped largely by my conviction that in all of the novels the main interest, both to Wells and to the Reader, lies in the matter of theme. I have discussed ...
  • The concentration of radium and mesothrorium bromides by fractional crystallization 

    Nierman, John Lewis (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    Text from page 4: "In the course of this study we were led to the conclusion that the crystallization factor is independent of the acid concentration and varies only with the percent of crystals separating out. Our ...
  • Comparative rankings of normal school graduates and full course university students in the School of Education 

    Wiley, James Alvin (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1917)
    There has been much difference of opinion as to which group of students ranks higher in university scholarship---those who enter the School of Education as normal school graduates or those who spend full four years on the ...
  • An age-grade census of Missouri rural schools 

    Harry, Bertram (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    It is the problem of this study to make a diagnosis of the educational conditions in the rural schools of Missouri by means of the age-grade census, to compare these conditions with those of other school systems, to determine ...
  • Minimum milk requirement for calf raising 

    Fohrman, M. H. (Milton Henry), 1886- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    The dairyman is keenly interested in knowing how he can raise his calves in an economical and successful manner. This thesis reports the results of several experiments in early weaning and minimum use of milk for calf ...
  • The influence of Carlyle on the social ideas of Ruskin in the period from 1860 to 1884 

    Woods, Mary Adams (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1918)
    Text from page 1: "To connect the name of Ruskin with that of Carlyle is not a new idea. Every biographer and critic of Ruskin refers to the relation which existed between the two men; all mention especially Ruskin's ...

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