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    Singular solutions of differential equations of the first order
    The so-called trusts; are they a menace to the future welfare of our country?
    Society in England during the fourteenth century
    Solutions of differential equations not obtained by giving particular values to the constant of integration in the general solution
    Some considerations in the teaching of mediaeval and modern history in high schools
    Some English words of interest, derived from the French, based on Aiol and La Chanson de Roland
    Some factors influencing the germination of corn : a thesis
    Some problems in seed germination and in the physiology of transplanting : a thesis
    Sound effects in Lucretius
    Steer feeding : wintering yearling and two year old steers, residual effect of wintering rations on rate and economy of subsequent gains, influence of age on rate and economy of gains
    A study of the chemistry of nerve degeneration
    Study of the rhetorical figures in the odes of Horace
    The taxation of railway gross receipts in Wisconsin
    Temperature as a factor modifying the toxic action of certain chemicals on the germination and development of a few fungi
    Thoracic index in the Negro
    The treatment of irrational numbers in the secondary schools
    The use of faxo and obsecro in Plautus
    Use of green manures & cover crops for the south
    The use of simul, simul ac (atque) and synonyms, cum primum, ut primum and ubi primum, from the Ciceronian period on
    The use of simul, simulac (atque) and synonyms, cum primum ut primum and ubi primum from the earliest literature down to the Augustan age