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    A study of the costs of the Kansas City high schools for the year 1915-1916 [1]
    A study of the Ebbinghaus conjectural method [1]
    A Study of the effect of liming an acid soil on the growth of certain legumes and non-legumes [1]
    A study of the effect of the periods of gestation and lactation upon the growth and composition of swine [1]
    A study of the effects of cotton seed products upon the composition of butter fat and the churnability of cream [1]
    A study of the extent to which growth retarded during the early life of the beef animal can be later regained [1]
    A study of the factors influencing the ability of the animal to digest its food [1]
    Study of the factors influencing the composition of beef fat [1]
    A study of the origin and development of the English baronial boroughs [1]
    Study of the phenomenon of barrenness in corn [1]
    A study of the physical and chemical properties of the soil as influenced by cowpea culture [1]
    A study of the poems of Francois Villon [1]
    A study of the processes of fat metabolism and methods for the determination of fat [1]
    A study of the relation of type and conformation to production in dairy cattle [1]
    A study of the reliability of the Thorndike Handwriting Scale [1]
    Study of the spectroscopic binary [alpha] Andromedae [1]
    A study of the treatment of the intestinal parasites of swine [1]
    A study of trunk injuries and diseases of apple trees [1]
    A study of types of farming in the U.S. by the farm management survey method [1]
    The surface tension of soap solutions and their emulsifying power [1]