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Twelve dead jackrabbits

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Title: Twelve dead jackrabbits
Author: Deel, Karla Ann
Date: 2012-06-18
Publisher: University of Missouri--Kansas City
Abstract: This collection of short fiction and poetry aims to stand as witness to the struggles of navigating through personal histories and society. The Jackrabbit Series is the celebration of one woman's life who finds herself time and time again in the trenches alone, unarmed and equipped with nothing but a ferocity that only a woman who'd lost her mother at 11 and been alone thereafter could sustain--and ultimately a celebration of prevail. The characters in both the stories and poems carry every bit of their individual histories around with them--from catching a ride on a freight train to witnessing the killing and dressing of twelve jackrabbits as a child. From growing up in a run-down roadside motel or a 15-bedroom mansion in West Palm Beach, Fl. What the characters in this collection find extraordinary in the ordinary, what they fight to keep safe or to destroy, what they guard as precious relics in the world, they carry into these poems and stories with an animal-like yearning that demands the world take notice of what they carry.

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